Fantasy Realm 1.18.2 Server Hosting

Satisfy your hunger for fantasy in Fantasy Realm 1.18.2. Immerse yourself in the imaginary yet incredible RPG elements in this modpack. Use the map to guide you across different regions and their challenges. What will your next fantasy adventure be like?

ABOUT Fantasy Realm 1.18.2

More Content and Features

Fantasy Realm 1.18.2 adds more to enjoy as compared to its previous version. This time, players can complete over 800 quests, explore five new dimensions and more than 100 biomes, and over 200 dungeons to conquer.

Mods and Overhauls

Engage in an RPG-focused Minecraft adventure with an overhauled GUI. Immerse yourself in revamped visuals, thanks to custom textures. Take advantage of over 250 mods to fulfill your Minecraft fantasy, including Forbidden Arcanus and Minecolonies.

How To Create A Fantasy Realm 1.18.2 Minecraft Server

Step 1

Purchase A Server

Get started with a BisectHosting server. Using our Minecraft selector, we will automatically setup your server with Fantasy Realm 1.18.2 pre-installed.

Step 2

Enjoy Your Server

It really is that easy! Ever want to change modpacks? Simply pick one from our Jar Menu with over 2500+ modpacks!

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