Advent of Ascension Plus Server Hosting

Advent of Ascension Plus is a modpack that puts players into a unique Minecraft universe. It takes advantage of the Nevermine mod, along with other notable modpacks like Awesome Dungeon and Enhanced Celestials. Can you discover everything this modpack can offer?

ABOUT Advent of Ascension Plus

Optimized Gameplay

Advent of Ascension Plus supplies various features to help enhance certain core Minecraft features. For instance, players can use a Construction Want to improve building speed and accuracy. Also, it has an improved tooltip section to help players distinguish various items.

Notable Mods

Players can use different mods to create unique experiences in Advent of Ascension Plus. Some noteworthy examples include Tinkers’ Construct, CraftTweaker, and Dungeon Crawl.

How To Create A Advent of Ascension Plus Minecraft Server

Step 1

Purchase A Server

Get started with a BisectHosting server. Using our Minecraft selector, we will automatically setup your server with Advent of Ascension Plus pre-installed.

Step 2

Enjoy Your Server

It really is that easy! Ever want to change modpacks? Simply pick one from our Jar Menu with over 2500+ modpacks!

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