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Where to Find Brown Mooshrooms in Minecraft 1.19

Posted on by amber

To the surprise of quite a few, there is a brown mooshroom cow that can provide quite the suspicious stew. However, brown mooshrooms never spawn on their own, leaving players wondering how to find one, let alone bring it home. Today we explain where to find brown mooshrooms in Minecraft 1.19.

An Introduction Mooshrooms

Red Mooshroom Cow

Mooshrooms are a variant of cow exclusive to Minecraft’s rare mushroom biome. While primarily red, a brown version of mooshrooms exists too, which we will explore how to obtain below. However, they never spawn naturally!

All brown mooshrooms cows are obtained from one of two methods, both requiring red mooshrooms to first be found. We recommend finding a mushroom biome before proceeding.

Where to Find Brown Mooshrooms in Minecraft 1.19 - Breeding

Baby Brown Mooshroom Cow

Once red mooshrooms have been located, the first method of finding a brown mooshroom is by breeding two red mooshrooms. There is a 1 in 1024 chance that the baby will be a brown mooshroom. But that’s a lot of breeding!

This method is rarely worth the time or effort compared to the second.

Where to Find Brown Mooshrooms in Minecraft 1.19 – Lightning

Brown Mooshroom Cow

The other method of obtaining a brown mooshroom is by striking a red mooshroom cow with lightning. This can occur when red mooshrooms are out during a storm, and lightning rods can be used too, but the easiest way is to throw a trident enchanted with channeling.

The channeling enchantment causes a lighting strike to hit its target during thunderstorms, but be careful not to hit your red mooshroom too hard! A fully enchanted trident with impaling will likely kill the mooshroom in a single throw.

With your channeling trident in hand, throw it at a red mooshroom during a thunderstorm, and the lightning will turn it from red to brown. Congratulations, you have found brown mooshrooms!

Suspicious Stew & You

Suspicious Stew

Why go through all this effort? Brown mooshrooms can be milked for Suspicious Stew! One of Minecraft’s strongest or deadliest food items, depending on which flowers are fed to your brown mooshrooms.

Our complete suspicious stew guide in all its delicious glory can be found here.

A Mooshroom Journey’s End

We hope our guide has helped you find the elusive brown mooshroom! Some seeds make it very difficult to find that first mushroom biome, after all. Now the question arises, which mooshroom do you prefer? Red or brown?

Until Next Time,

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