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What's Next for Minecraft Dungeons?

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Dungeons had a massive launch, and ever since has offered very regular DLC and content updates.

In a new video from Mojang, the game's developers have gone into depth on what's coming next for Minecraft Dungeons.

Here's what we learned.

Minecraft Dungeons next Season Pass DLC - Hidden Depths

The next big shakeup for Minecraft Dungeons is the upcoming Season Pass DLC Hidden Depths.

Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths launches on May 26th, and brings the game to an ocean biome.

This update was shown off at Minecraft Live last year, and we aren’t far out from it now!

While this is the biggest DLC and up next, the developers have hinted at some other new changes and content coming for free in Minecraft Dungeons as well.

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Are Guardians coming to Minecraft Dungeons?

Guardians were an exciting addition to Minecraft, adding a new threat to the deep oceans.

According to the new Ask Mojang segment,  this dynamic mob is making its way now to Minecraft Dungeons!

We’re not sure how strong Guardians will be in the game, but new mobs add a ton of life to it to pair with all of the new biomes coming in Minecraft Dungeons DLC each month.

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Where do New Minecraft Dungeons ideas start?

The new Ask Mojang segment also gave a behind the scenes look at how new Minecraft Dungeons content comes to be.

Game Designer Laura de Llorens went spoke about how the development team begins thinking about their next content drop, revealing the team first thinks of a fitting biome - often done by bringing a twist to a biome that fits Minecraft. 

Llorens gave the example of the Creeper Forest to best represent how Minecraft Dungeons can take a biome from Minecraft and turn into an entirely new experience for players.
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