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What Does Density Do in Minecraft 1.21?

Posted on by amber
The mace has shaken up combat more than ever before, but what do its enchantments truly have in store? Today, we explore that and more as we answer the question, “What does density do in Minecraft 1.21?”

What Does Density Do in Minecraft 1.21?

Minecraft 1.21 Density Enchantment Screenshot Density increases the damage per block of falling when attacking with the mace from above. Specifically, it is a 0.5 damage increase for each level of the Density enchantment per block fallen. 0.5 damage is 1/4 of a heart.

Is Density Better Than Breach?

What Does Density Do in Minecraft 1.21: Enchanting Room Screenshot Density is indeed stronger than Breach. However, continuous use of wind charges or wind burst enchantment is required to justify taking it over Breach. Players with no intention of landing hits from above with the mace will find more value in taking Breach.

Mace Damage & Stats

Minecraft 1.21 Mace Without any modifications or potions applied to oneself, the mace has a 0.6 attack speed and will deal six damage with a fully charged hit, which equals three hearts. If the player wielding the mace has fallen more than 1.5 blocks before landing the hit, it will deal an additional four damage for the first three blocks fallen, two damage for the next five blocks after that, and one extra damage for all remaining blocks fallen.

Mace vs Sword

Minecraft 1.21 Netherite Sword Netherite swords have a 1.6 attack speed and deal eight damage with a fully charged hit. Additionally, they can strike multiple monsters at once. A player attempting to choose between a sword and mace will find it depends more on their playstyle and the challenge ahead, rather than one simply being better than the other. If continuously landing hits from above, the mace will provide much greater single-target damage, but in low-ceiling environments like caves and Trial Chamber hallways, the sword would likely be a better pick unless the foe is heavily armored.
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