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What Do Trial Keys Unlock in Minecraft 1.21?

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
After exploring a Trial Chamber and taking on Trial Spawners, chances are you looted at least one mysterious key, but what does it do, and where is it used? Today, we answer that question and more in our guide, “What Do Trial Keys Unlock in Minecraft 1.21?”

Looting Trial Keys

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Key Item Trial Keys are unique to Trial Chambers and have a 50% chance to spawn as loot after defeating all the mobs in a Trial Spawner. Occasionally, a Trial Key will also generate inside Trial Chamber chests and pottery, but the odds are extremely low. These are currently the only two sources of Trial Keys in the entire game.

What Do Trial Keys Unlock in Minecraft 1.21?

Minecraft 1.21 Vault Block Hidden inside Trial Chambers is a second mystery called the Vault. Trial Keys are the sole way to access the loot from this exciting block. However, what makes Vault blocks so special is every player on a server can receive rewards from a Vault block once, assuming they have a Trial Key to open it.

Vault Loot Table

  • Enchanted Book
  • Emerald
  • Iron Horse Armor
  • Damaged Shield
  • Saddle
  • Enchanted Iron Axe
  • Enchanted Iron Pickaxe
  • Enchanted Iron Shovel
  • Enchanted Iron Helmet
  • Enchanted Iron Chestplate
  • Enchanted Iron Leggings
  • Enchanted Iron Boots
  • Golden Horse Armor
  • Enchanted Crossbow
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Diamond Horse Armor
  • Enchanted Diamond Axe
  • Enchanted Diamond Chestplate
  • Diamond
At this time, the loot within Vault blocks has not yet been finalized. However, we know from recent snapshots that the current test pool consists of the items above. As soon as the loot is finalized, we will have it updated here!

A Guide’s End

Our short guide has come to an end, but hopefully, it has answered your question today! If not, please do not hesitate to leave a comment. We are happy to help no matter the time or day! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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