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Weekly Wrap Up - September 8th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games around, and there’s plenty happening around all of its editions, platforms, and more.

With this in mind, welcome back to the Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up, where we go over all the latest news of the Minecraft world!

Here’s everything you need to know to catch up for this week.

Pack.png Discovery Puts an End to a Great Mystery!

One of Minecraft’s oldest mysteries is the origin of the Pack.png image used as the default image for server selection. The search for the iconic image is finally over after a crafty user, content creator SalC1, found the seed it was taken from!

While this could just be the quarantine delirium, this is quite a find in the near infinite world of Minecraft seed possibilities. Especially with the extra detective work required in each to suss out the exact image.

You can see the image for yourself with the discovered seed - 3257840388504953787, and you can find the spot at coordinates 49x and 0z.

Minecraft Live Announcement and Trailer

Minecraft Live is an annual event thrown by Mojang honoring Minecraft and its community, formerly called MineCon Live. 

While there are live event complications with coronavirus quarantine, something that has challenged all similar events this year (and cancelling many), Minecraft Live is set to push through it all by going digital this year! 

The event will be broadcasted live, and viewers can ask questions to the Mojang team to see what they’ve been up to, and maybe even get some hints at what’s to come.

The event will begin at 12pm ET on October 3rd, so you won’t want to miss it!

You can watch the Minecraft Live Trailer here:

Map Creators Bring More Options for Minecraft RTX

RTX in Minecraft has shocked the gaming world as a perfect demonstration for the tech that will be the future of gaming (as machines catch up to its processing demands).

The technology replicates real functions of light in real time, which can make for some astounding physics observations and stunning visuals. This is all made extra apparent in maps Mojang have released with Nvidia, called the RTX Beta, demonstrating the technology’s capabilities.

But now there are even more maps with RTX-backing that players can explore to see the tech in action.

These maps are created by users, and open the doors to RTX outside of Mojang’s RTX Beta.

You can pick up the maps in the Minecraft Community Marketplace, and can see some screenshots of the effects here.

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