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Weekly Wrap Up - August 24th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Jurassic World DLC

Minecraft picked up a ton of new content with the Jurassic World DLC, which adds everything you need to build out and run a dinosaur park. It includes over 60 dinosaurs with all of the classics you’d expect as well as tons of hybrids, and 21 skins on top of it.

This should open the door to plenty of creativity outside of mods and texture packs, and with it coming straight from Mojang, you know the quality is there.

You can watch the trailer for the DLC here, and pick it up on the Minecraft Marketplace here.

Are Fall Guys skins coming to Minecraft?

Fall Guys is the newest hit sensation in gaming, and attracts players of all ages to battle it out in a fun and competitive battle royale-style game.

With Fall Guys more popular than ever, many different brands have contended for branding rights to be able to make Fall Guys inspired skins, and perhaps even have their own games represented in the hot new battle royale.

Minecraft is certainly a candidate on this list as one of the premier games on the market for all ages, a spot it's held for over a decade.

While it would be amazing to see Minecraft and Fall Guys crossovers in either direction, Minecraft will have to beat out plenty of other brands in what has amounted to a bidding war on social media.

The Pickaxe Olympics

In a bit less consequential news, a community project was published on Reddit last week that has many fans cheering along from home, the Pickaxe Olympics.

The event stems from a unique video that has each type of pickaxe start in front of a line of stone blocks. 

The pickaxes auto-mine down the line until they win or break, and it demonstrates well the differences between the different pickaxe materials and their speed, durability, and more.

This format could be something we see return in the near future as a way to test out other items and item effects like enchantments, and serves as a fantastic visual representation of these things in action. For visual learners, this is the perfect way to get a grasp of all the tools available in Minecraft without having to read a wiki.

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