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Top 5 Must Have Vintage Story Mods

Posted on by amber
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Vintage Story’s modding community is one of the best and most dedicated around, but with so many mods to pick from, it can be hard to choose! So, today, we explore the top 5 must have Vintage Story mods as determined by what majority of players download and use.

5. Player Corpse

Vintage Story Player Corpse Mod Logo Player Corpse is a mod with one single purpose: to give players a chance to retrieve their loot after death from newly created skeletal corpses! This may not be as vast or exciting as the mods to come, but its unparalleled convenience has it right near the top.

4. Pet AI

Pet AI does nothing on its own, but when paired with mods from the list above, it allows for tamed animal companions! Download one or all. No matter the choice, this nifty mods framework and masterfully crafted AI will bring your companions to life.

3. Carry On

Vintage Story Carry On Mod Logo This next mod is a must have for those who love to be organized! Carry On simply lets players pick up and carry blocks and containers with their hands or on their backs. For containers specifically, that includes the contents stored within.

2. Expanded Foods & A Culinary Artillery

Vintage Story Expanded Foods Mod Logo Expanded Foods and A Culinary Artillery combined create every chef’s dream, including plenty of new food and all the cooking tools one could ever need. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to eat!

1. Primitive Survival
The most downloaded Vintage Story mod is none other than Primitive Survival. This exciting mod set out with the goal of giving the game a much more realistic survival experience, and with nearly 200,000 downloads, it seems they succeeded! Get ready for an early game inspired by shows like Naked and Afraid before diving into the secrets this mod adds to the endgame. There are so many features an entirely new top five could be made!

Top 5 Must Have Vintage Story Mods

These were only five of the countless mods on the official Vintage Story website, and plenty more are well worth a try! However, we hope these five mods have helped provide a foundation for your next custom Vintage Story playthrough or, at the very least, provided some creative inspiration. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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