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Valheim Speedrun World Record Run Lands Under 90 Minutes

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim came out of the early access gates swinging with more momentum than we’ve seen any game start with in 2021.

Valheim quickly piled on 3 million sales in the game’s first 16 days of early access!

Now that players have had plenty of time with the game, a new scene may soon develop, Valheim speedrunning.

And some players already have a very fast head start.

Valheim Speedrunning

The speedrunning community is a massive group of gamers that do incredibly innovative things with all kinds of different video games.

With each new release, players give it a chance to see how it rewards speedrunning gameplay.

While you might not think of Valheim as a good speedrunning game at first, you’d be surprised how exciting and rewarding it can be!

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To give you a glimpse, let’s look at the current Valheim World Record for killing all of the game’s 5 bosses.

Valheim Speedrun World Record Clears All Bosses

The Valheim speedrunning community has plenty to build on with its current record run for killing all 5 bosses, which took less than 90 minutes! This record was achieved by NickRawcliffe.

This run does come with some concessions, including some starting resources and tools, as well as a soft level cap of 100 in any given skill.

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Despite these, the speedrun is still an amazing feat with so many Valheim players still not passed the finish line of killing all of its bosses!

What’s Next?

Valheim has endless potential as a game so early on in its early access period - and with room for improvement across the board comes even more potential for speedrunning the game.

Whether the next steps for Valheim feature new maps, new zones, new bosses, new enemies, new tools, new skills or any combination of these - the speedrunning scene can continue getting more in-depth. 

With other survival games like Minecraft becoming an extremely popular speedrunning platform, Valheim has to potential to be the next big speedrun craze.

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