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Valheim Eikthyr Boss Guide

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim has several bosses that players summon via rituals, and kill to progress their technology.

The first boss Valheim players will come across is Eikthyr, a massive Stag that will present a challenge if you're not prepared.

Here's how to summon Eiktyhr in Valheim, and how to take him down to unlock the pickaxe and more.

How to Summon Eikthyr

Each Valheim boss requires different conditions to be summoned.

For Eikthyr, players must return 2 Deer Trophies found by hunting deer throughout the world.

The best way to kill enough deer to loot these Deer Trophies is to practice throwing your spear, which will one-shot deer and take away the wasted time from chasing. You can also use a bow or knife.

Once you've got your Deer Trophies, go to Eikthyr's summoning altar, which can be found via the glowing rock at spawn which will reveal it on your map.

Once there, put your Deer Trophies into the bowl, and Eikthyr will arrive.

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How to Kill Eikthyr

Eiktyhr may just be the first boss, but if you aren't prepared for a fight, he'll be a massive test.

Eikthyr has a few abilities that can threaten players very far away or up close and personal.

Eikthyr's first ability shoots a lightning bolt in a line forward after rearing back. Avoiding this ability will give you a moment to be able to counter attack, so take advantage as you can.

Eiktyhr's second ability creates an area of lightning around it after hanging in the air and crashing down. Avoiding this ability will be more difficult, requiring you to manage distance.

Apart from these two abilities, Eikthyr will also try to ram players with its horns.

To take down Eiktyhr without issue, you'll want to maximize your bow damage while being out of range of its abilities.

If you are playing with friends on a server, one player can distract the boss while the other lights it up with arrows for a quick and painless kill.

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Once Eikthyr is dead, you'll be able to progress to new technologies in Valheim, including mining with a pickaxe made from Eikthyr's horns, and as a result, smelting and more.

This also unlocks the Harvester, which then unlocks farming.

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