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Valheim Boss Guide: Yagluth

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim pulls no punches challenging players to survive difficult conditions and a ton of different threats.

The most challenging of all of Valheim’s content is its many bosses.

We’ve discussed strategies for how to summon and defeat each of Valheim’s bosses but the game’s current final boss - Yagluth.

Here’s our guide on how to summon Yagluth, how to kill him, and how to “beat” the game in its current state!

How to Summon Yagluth

Yagluth can be summoned in the Plains biome. But first, you must search for the Yagluth summoning altar. 

You can get some help with this search by checking Runestones found throughout Valheim and its many dungeons. These runestones will give you a location for the Yagluth summoning altar on your map, taking away the frustrating search across all Plains biomes.

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After you find Yagluth’s summoning altar, you’ll need to bring some items to it to summon the skeletal boss.

To summon Yagluth, you must bring 5 Fuling totems to the summoning altar, looted by killing Fuling creatures that can be found all across the Plains biome.

These goblins can be a frustrating challenge if you’re caught off guard, but as the gatekeepers to the final boss in Valheim, this is expected.

Once you’ve placed your 5 Fuling totems around the Yagluth summoning altar, it’s game time.

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How to Kill Yagluth

Yagluth is a terrifying creature, a skeletal beast with only its upper torso emerging from the earth. Worse, Yagluth is as strong as he is intimidating.

When approaching the Yagluth fight, you should respect his kill potential by preparing as much as you can. After all, this is the last Valheim boss we’re talking about.

This means you’ll want different kinds of food to improve your maximum health and stamina. This also means you want the best armor and weapons available to you.

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Yagluth enacts an event where player’s bases are attacked by waves of Fuling creatures - so getting these supplies ready may be harder than usual.

Once you’re prepared for the fight, and Yagluth is summoned, it’s time to put it all on the line.


Yagluth has some dangerous abilities players must dodge to survive.

Yagluth’s first attack is punching the earth with a blue first, doing damage in the area and creating a flame that lasts for a short time. To avoid this, watch out for the blue fist windup, and keep your distance from Yagluth when this move is possible.

Yaluth’s second attack is a line of fire breath that does a ton of damage very quickly. To avoid this ability, keep an eye on when Yagluth rears back to breath, and keep an angle when fighting Yagluth to not be hit by the line.

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Yagltuh’s third attack is another fist strike, where it glows orange, then summons meteors dealing damage in an area.

When fighting Yagluth, you will be surrounded in darkness, and effects like rain won’t help extinguish the creature’s fires.

Once you master dodging Yagluth’s abilities, it’s just a matter of dealing as much damage as you can from ranged with your bow, and getting in at the right times to do melee damage while it’s safe.

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