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Valheim Abomination Guide: Locations, Weaknesses, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
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Valheim has many different enemies to conquer, from Draugrs to Dragons, and one of the most intimidating is the Abomination. With that, here's how to find and deal with the Abomination in Valheim.

Valheim Abomination Location

Valheim Abomination Location The Abomination in Valheim is an enemy that you typically wouldn’t hunt actively. In particular, it’s ideal to avoid this large tree-like enemy as much as possible. Nonetheless, you can only find the Valheim Abomination in the Swamp biome. Additionally, this enemy initially acts like a regular tree stump. It’s not until you get close that it starts animating, showing its massive body and spider-like limbs at you.

Abomination Fight Strategies and Weaknesses

Valheim Abomination Weakness Despite its massive size, the Abomination in Valheim can be taken down fairly quickly if you know its weaknesses. First, fire is one of your best friends for this fight since the Abomination’s body is mostly wood. Also, slashing damage from specific weapon types, particularly axes, knives, and swords, can help whittle the Abomination’s health reasonably fast as well. If you aren't equipped for these damage times, you may want to run, as this enemy is resistant to blunt and piercing damage, so it’s best not to use weapons like clubs and arrows. It’s also important to note that the Abomination is entirely immune to Frost, Poison, and Spirit damage. One way to avoid getting hit by the Abomination’s “limbs” is to stay as close to its body as possible. Those appendages will likely miss you, allowing you to reduce healing item usage. But it’s still a good idea to wear equipment with a reasonably high defense stat, like the Carapace Armor. Once the Abomiation’s health drops to about 25%, it’ll try to run away. Thankfully, it’s not quick on its feet, allowing you to track it down fairly easily from there. Warning: This fight can be considerably more challenging if other enemies are nearby. So, clear the area first before awakening the Abomination to avoid other creatures from surrounding you.

Abomination Loot Table

Valheim Abomination Loot Table The Abomination only drops three items when defeated: Guck, Root, and the Abomination Trophy. Also, its attacks can destroy nearby objects, especially trees, so you can loot various types of wood and other items as an additional reward when you emerge victorious!
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