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V Rising Soul Shard Guide: How to Get and Use Soul Shards

Posted on by justin
Soul Shards in V Rising are among the most powerful and highly sought-after rewards after beating three of the toughest V Blood bosses in the game. Note that Soul Shards are endgame items, which means that it may take some time for new players to get the chance to enjoy the accompanying perks.

V Rising Soul Shard Locations

V Rising Soul Shards Upon reaching the endgame, players can place The Eye of Twilight in their castles. This functional decoration shows the location of the Soul Shards on the map. Note: Anyone with The Eye of Twilight can see the location of any active Soul Shard on their maps. That means that rival vampire clans in PvP servers can get to these items first before others if they prepare fast enough. Each Soul Shard location is tied to a high-level V Blood boss. Players who want to take advantage of the benefits provided by Soul Shards should equip their best weapons and armor sets before taking on these major enemies. These three high-level V Blood bosses are:

Solarus the Immaculate

Solarus the Immaculate is a level 80 V Blood boss, and also the final boss of the game. Players can find him in the Fortress of Light at the easternmost part of Silverlight Hills. Aside from equipping your best weapons and armor sets, bring Holy Resistance potions while in Solarus’ domain. This location has Holy Radiation, which slowly eats the health of vampires over time. Using Holy Resistance potions will negate this debuff, allowing you to stay in this domain normally.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth

A level 78 V Blood boss, Gorecrusher the Behemoth is in the northeast part of the Cursed Forest called the Lair of the Behemoth. This boss has high mobility and will dash and charge at players’ positions frequently. Although there’s no special way to defeat this boss, an “attack and retreat” strategy can work well against it.

The Winged Horror

The Winged Horror is a level 83 V Blood boss found at The Dreaded Peak. Reach this location by heading to the easternmost part of the Farbane Woods. Vampires must have and use the Bat Form Vampire Power to reach the boss’ location. It also has a high damage output, particularly for its fire-based attacks. Tip: If you’re running an online multiplayer server, visit the two new Shady Merchant Camps in the Farbane biome to trade with other players if you need extra items. Soul Shards in PvE servers can spawn for each vampire clan. But Soul Shards only spawn once in PvP servers.

How to Use Soul Shards

V Rising Using Soul Shards After defeating those V Blood bosses, the game doesn’t immediately tell players what to do with the Soul Shards. First, return to your castle. Then, place the Soul Shard in an available space on your Hotbar. Press the key associated with the Soul Shard, and a large pylon should appear. An active pylon will provide nearby you and your clanmates with special buffs for two hours. However, you can use reuse a Soul Shard and its associated pylon as many times as you want, even after a buff’s duration ends. Note that Soul Shards in V Rising provide unique buffs. These perks are:
  • Soul Shard of Solarus: +50 Sun Resistance, +5% Primary Melee Attack Speed, and +10 Physical Power
  • Soul Shard of the Behemoth: +50 Garlic Resistance, +50 Holy Resistance, +5% Movement Speed, and +20% Increased Resource Yield
  • Soul Shard of the Winged Horror: +50 Silver Resistance, +50 Fire Resistance, +10 Spell Power, and +5% Spell Critical Strike Rate
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