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V Rising Pristine Hide Farming Guide: Best Location, Mobs, & Uses

Posted on by justin
Pristine Hide in V Rising is one of the ingredients needed to craft an end-game material. Follow that crafting tree, and you can wear one of the strongest armor sets in the game. So, here’s a guide on how to farm Pristine Hide in V Rising for your convenience.

How to Farm Pristine Hide in V Rising

V Rising Pristine Hide To find Pristine Hide, travel far north of Dunley Farmlands to reach Gloomgrave Village. Here, various enemies drop Pristine Hide, including:
  • Cursed Wolf
  • Cursed Bear
  • Cursed Spitter Toad
  • Cursed Slime Toad
  • Werewolf
  • Mosquito
  • Night Lurker
Werewolves, in particular, typically drop Pristine Hide per kill. However, these creatures of the night only appear after 8 PM. In the daytime, werewolves return to their human forms and won’t drop Pristine Hide when killed. But be careful because these enemies are at least level 60. Entering this location under-leveled or under-equipped may result in a swift death. Tip: Travel while riding horseback to reach Gloomgrave Village quickly. You can read our V Rising Beginner’s Guide for a quick guide on how to tame your first horse.

What is Pristine Hide Used For?

Pristine Hide Usage The primary use of Pristine Hide in V Rising is to combine it with Mutant Grease at the Tannery to craft Pristine Leather. Note that you must use 20x Mutant Grease and 20x Pristine Hide at this crafting station to make 1x Pristine Leather. You must also defeat the Level 20 V Blood Boss Keely the Frost Archer at the Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods to unlock the building schematics for the Tannery. Once unlocked, use 160x Rugged Hide and 8x Plank while placing the Tannery on a valid tile to build it. Once you have enough Pristine Leather, you can craft the Dawnthorn Armor set, assuming you have the other ingredients. Pristine Leather is also used for crafting other items and structures, which are the following:
  • Cloth
  • Large Gem Bag
  • Large Herb Bag
  • Large Research Bag
  • Large Coin Purse
  • Athenaeum
  • ‘Distinguished’ Divan
  • ‘Distinguished’ Sofa
  • ‘Cordial’ Sofa
  • ‘Omen’ Sofa
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