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How to Unlock the Ancestral Forge in V Rising

Posted on by justin
The Secrets of Gloomrot update brought a slew of new items to the game. One of which is the V Rising Ancestral Forge, which is a new interactive building. But how can you unlock it so you can start using it?

How to Unlock the Ancestral Forge in V Rising

V Rising Unlock Ancestral Forge Players must defeat Raziel the Shepherd, a level 57 V Blood boss, to obtain the Ancestral Forge crafting recipe. Find this boss at the Dunley Monastery main chapel. Generally, Raziel is a fairly easy boss compared to the other V Blood bosses, particularly if you prepare for the fight. However, the AoE effects of his skills can make the battle more challenging than expected. So, you shouldn’t underestimate this boss, despite his difficulty level. Tip: Bring Holy Resistance Potions before entering Dunley Monastery. This area has divine light protection, placing Holy Radiation, a debuff akin to poison, to vampires who dare enter its holy realm.

Ancestral Forge Crafting Recipe

Once unlocked, players must farm certain items to craft an Ancestral Forge in their castles. One of the ingredients is a new material called Radium Alloy, and you need eight of it. You can get this item by killing enemies at the Transcendum Machine Factory, or by breaking crates in that area. Alternatively, players can defeat the level 60 V Blood boss Angram the Purifier to obtain the Radium Alloy crafting recipe. Unlike Raziel, Angram is a more difficult V Blood boss, thanks in part to its shield that can return 50% of the dealt damage. Once you have the Radium Alloy, here’s the complete recipe to help you craft the Ancestral Forge in V Rising:
  • 1x Primal Blood Essence
  • 16x Iron Ingot
  • 8x Radium Alloy

How To Use The Ancestral Forge

The Ancestral Forge’s purpose is to restore shattered weapons. Slotting one of these weapons into the Ancestral Forge will randomize the item’s attributes. But take note that each attempt requires specific items to complete the task. The structure will tell you what items you’ll need to feed it to restore shattered weapons. However, one of the resources you’ll likely need is the Onyx Tear. To unlock this particular item, you must defeat the level 79 V Blood boss Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer at the Cursed Forest biome. Once you have the recipe, craft an Onyx Tear at the Anvil. V Rising Server
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