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Top 5 Valheim Mods You Need for Your Server

Posted on by bisecthosting

Valheim is a mystical adventure with its base game, tasking players with surviving a magical and hostile world. 

But while Valheim is naturally great, mods can take your experience to the next level.

Here  are the top 5 Valheim mods you need to consider for your next playthrough.


Valheim has some awesome graphics, but one thing that suffers a bit is its UI.

With this Valheim mod, players can improve the game’s UI visually and make it display more relevant info, like stars on items to denote improvement levels.

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This mod also adds XP bars for various skills to be better able to track your Valheim progress.

Equipment and Quick Slots

To survive in Valheim, you’ll need quite a few tools along the way. 

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With armor, weapons, equipment and more taking up your regular inventory slots, it can be hard to have all the things you need and still have room for loot. 

It can also be hard to access your items fast enough to navigate tough situations in Valheim.

This Valheim mod smooths these edges and helps players push through the game much easier by adding 3 new quick slots that you can hotkey, and gives your equipped items their very own inventory slots.

Quick Stack

Players will spend a surprising amount of their time in Valheim balancing out their inventory between slots and containers. 

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You’ll quickly stack up wasted time trying to maneuver your items around, and with no auto deposit or autostack button, you’ll have to do it all manually in the base game.

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This Valheim mod fixes these issues by allowing players to quickly stack items and transfer things from containers to inventory without the extra hassle.

Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers

This Valheim mod is the ultimate in convenience. When trying to craft or build in Valheim, inventory management really shines through as a restriction and annoyance.

This mod smooths out the experience massively by allowing players to “pull” items from nearby containers to complete tasks like cooking and smelting. 

This means players don’t have to fit all of their necessary materials on their person each time, saving you plenty of time, energy, and frustration.

Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus is without a doubt the best mod in the game.

It offers a ton of important improvements and customization options, including modifying the speed of in-game processes, modifying stamina and health regen, modifying item values, game difficulty multipliers, and plenty more!

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If you want to keep your Valheim mod folder sparse, Valheim Plus is certainly the one to pick up from this list.

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