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Top 5 Valheim Mods of 2022

Posted on by amber
As the year comes to a close, it’s interesting to look at what mods players thought fit Valheim best. And it turns out five in particular stood far above the rest! Today we explore the top five Valheim mods of 2022.

5) Unrestricted Portals

Unrestricted Portals Logo This mod provides the straightforward change of portals being unrestricted. This means players can come and go without the worry of items in their inventory being blocklisted! Those seeking to customize can also change the portal restrictions as they see fit.

4) Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel from Containers

Valheim Crafting Screenshot Keeping with the trend of convenience was Craft, Build, Smelt, Cook, Fuel from Containers! This mod simply does what its name describes, allowing players to automatically pull items from nearby chests while crafting, upgrading, cooking, etc.

3) Epic Loot

Epic Loot Logo Coming in at number three is a mod that changes up gameplay! Epic loot adds magic items of various qualities ranging from rare to legendary. In addition, Epic Loot adds enchanting to the possible options for crafting. An excellent and simple way to spruce up regular gameplay!

2) Equipment and Quick Slots

Equipment & Quick Slots Logo The second most popular mod was once again in the convenience and quality of life section. This time a mod that gives equipped items their own dedicated inventory slots while also adding three more quick slots! Simple and beloved by the community.

1) Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus Logo The final mod at number one is Valheim Plus! An absolute must-have for any Valheim player and server! It provides control over various aspects of the game and keeps servers safe, ensuring only those with the same configuration may join and play. And that is only the tip of the iceberg! Packed within this mod are countless features, including the ability to build with much higher precision, stat modification for admins, production buildings automatically pulling from nearby chests, crafting automatically pulling from nearby chests, and much more.

Top 5 Valheim Mods of 2022

Valheim Logo The theme for this year’s top five mods seemed to be convenience. Slight changes here and there that make the game better in many players’ eyes. However, we would love to hear from you! Was there a popular mod you thought would be in the top five? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) Looking to give these top mods a try with friends? We here at BisectHosting offer affordable options for just that! Your Valheim server is only a few steps away.
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