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Top 5 Minecraft Tricky Trials Features

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
Minecraft Tricky Trials is only a few days away, but for those who already had the chance to play, these tended to be features that made their day. So, today, we explore our top five Minecraft Tricky Trials features!

5. Boat Leads

How to Transport Villagers: Two Villagers in Boat Screenshot While by no means a main selling point of the Minecraft Tricky Trials, this simple change makes transporting villagers and mobs across oceans as easy as can be. Simply place a boat beneath their feet and attach the lead!

4. Breeze

Minecraft 1.21 Breeze Mob Screenshot Hidden deep within Trials Chambers is a brand-new mob called the Breeze! These tricky enemies jump around an arena designed specifically to suit their speedy combat style and launch wind charges that can activate buttons and open trapdoors. And if that wasn’t already enough, they drop breeze rods, which can be broken down into wind charges. An item that, when thrown at one’s feet, allows them to super jump!

3. Mace

Minecraft Tricky Trials Mace The second use for breeze rods is crafting Minecraft’s newest weapon, the mace! This heavy hitter can bypass armor with the right enchantments and does more damage the farther its wielder falls. Those brave enough to risk it all from high in the sky can even one-shot a warden! But be warned: fall damage is only canceled if the hit is successful. Otherwise, it is the falling player that is doomed.

2. Crafter

Minecraft Tricky Trials Crafter Block After many years, near-complete automation is finally possible! The crafter automatically crafts an item when powered, and with a little redstone trickery, items can be produced repeatedly! We have officially entered the era of redstone factories.

1. Trial Chambers

Trial Chamber Guide: Entrance Chamber Screenshot Number one on our list is none other than the premiere feature of the update itself! Trial chambers are sprawling dungeons full of combat challenges that bring with them Trial Spawners that scale with the number of players nearby and vaults that can be opened once by all players with a trial key. Then, to top it all off, Trial Chambers even offer a hard mode activated by drinking the contents of an ominous bottle.

Top 5 Minecraft Tricky Trials Features

Overall, Minecraft Tricky Trials seems like it will be an update to remember! Was there a feature we didn’t list that you are most excited for? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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