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Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Modpacks

Posted on by amber
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Minecraft 1.20 has only recently gone live, making it a little hard to find modpacks that have been updated or created during that short time. Thankfully, there is no need to search any further! Today we explore our top five Minecraft 1.20 modpacks.

5. All The Mods 9

Minecraft 1.20 Modpacks: All The Mods 9 Banner Image Ever faithful and always on time, All The Mods 9 is already one of the most popular modpacks for Minecraft 1.20. The reason? There is something for everyone to enjoy! Explore a dungeon, build with technology, or cast some spells; all The Mods is where the best mods are found.

4. Slightly Flavored

Minecraft 1.20 Modpacks: Slightly Flavored Logo Image Ever wish Minecraft was a little harder? Slightly Flavored stays true to the core vanilla experience while making the adventure much more dangerous. Those up to the challenge will find new mobs, biomes, dungeons, and overhauled player movement that come together to create one of the most difficult modpacks available.

3. New Game

Minecraft 1.20 Modpacks: New Game Banner Image This next modpack is for fans who love vanilla but simply wish there was more. New Game, an entire unofficial update to explore! New mobs, biomes, items, ores, foods, structures, and dimensions are all packed inside, yet it is still the Minecraft we know and adore.

2. BlockFront

BlockFront Banner Image Creepers, skeletons, what are you talking about? It’s wartime, soldier! BlockFront brings the world’s most significant conflicts to Minecraft, complete with guns, tanks, and historic maps. Rise through the ranks in multiplayer matchmaking and experience the most exciting combat Minecraft 1.20 can have.

1. DarkRPG

DarkRPG Logo Image Finally, the most popular Minecraft modpack has arrived! Dark RPG combines fantasy, open-world RPG game elements, and Minecraft into a one-of-a-kind experience for Minecraft 1.20. Level up to take on bosses, complete quests to obtain gear, and explore a world of mysteries and monsters where loot is always near.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Modpacks

Every modpack allows a new adventure to unfold, creating countless worlds for players to explore. Be it in fantasy, space, or war, we hope our list helped find your perfect modpack, if not more. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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