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Top 5 Left 4 Dead 2 Community Maps

Posted on by amber
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Ten years on, most have enjoyed the campaigns Left 4 Dead 2 and its DLCs provided. However, what if we said there was a way to experience the wonder of when you first tried it? Today, we explore the top five Left 4 Dead 2 community maps, all of which the most subscribed on Steam.

5. Deathcraft II

Top 5 Left 4 Dead 2 Community Maps: DeathCraft II Blocky Town Screenshot Of all the places Left 4 Dead 2 can take you, who would have expected Minecraft? The fifth most subscribed campaign, Deadcraft II, brings players to a town built in Minecraft where the final Minecart has already left the station. Four blocky survivors are now left to take on a horde of undead, including blocky variants of all the special infected. Due to the age of this particular campaign, a few fixes may be required before playing. We recommend looking at the comments and community discussions should trouble be encountered.

4. Day Break

Top 5 Left 4 Dead 2 Community Maps: Day Break Campaign Poster Returning to reality, we crash land into San Francisco, where the survivors must escape before the military bombs the city! Day Break brings players to iconic locations across San Francisco, such as The Palace of Fine Arts and Fort Point, before a grand finale in none other than Alcatraz. Just don’t get too distracted by the sights!

3. Zengcheng

Top 5 Left 4 Dead 2 Community Maps: Zengcheng Waterfront Screenshot The United States isn’t the only place suffering from the outbreak! Over in China, our survivors find themselves in Zengcheng, one of eleven districts of Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province. Be ready to take in the unique sights of this once beautiful city while fighting desperately against all too familiar infected.

2. Back To School

L4D2 Back To School Campaign Poster Five days have passed since the outbreak began, and our survivors have bunkered down in the woods while waiting for the military to move in. However, after receiving a broadcast, it seems they will need to make their way to the local high school if they want to escape and live. Back To School takes players across multiple environments and through an entirely new city in this cinematic six-chapter journey.

1. Urban Flight

L4D2 Urban Flight Campaign Poster Finally, we have the most subscribed Left 4 Dead 2 community map of all time! Urban Flight places our survivors in a burning city with the only hope of escaping being a small airfield across the river. This high-quality campaign, filled with easter eggs and masterfully crafted environments, feels like a project from Valve themselves. A must-try for any fan of Left 4 Dead 2!

Top 5 Left 4 Dead 2 Community Maps

Our list of Left 4 Dead 2 community maps has reached its end, but your story of survival has only just begun! Countless maps beyond even these five wait to be seen, all available directly through the workshop on Steam. So, what are you waiting for? Go find that military extraction team! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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