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Top 5 Cutest Minecraft Mobs

Posted on by amber
Minecraft has many mobs, 76 to precise, and all of them are deserving of recognition! However, today we look at the top five cutest Minecraft mobs of all time. Be careful! They are five you will absolutely want to hug.

5. Chicken

Minecraft Mobs: Chicken Starting with the classics is Minecraft’s chicken! Their simple design makes them silly and fun, they have a history of being confused with the equally cute animal ducks, and their stares can make anyone want to bring seeds to share. No, their small beady eyes are not soulless!

4. Panda

Panda Mob Does the panda need much explanation? This adorable mob rolls about, eats bamboo, and sits while making the cutest sounds. Their mere existence earns them a spot! Protect your pandas at all costs!

3. Allay

Minecraft Allay Allays are friends that will follow you to the very end. They help carry your stuff, dance to music discs, and love cookies too. They don’t judge and deserve a hug for all the hardships they have gone through. This makes them number three on the cutest mob list to ever be seen!

2. Axolotl

Pink Axolotl Mob This fan favorite comes in plenty of colors and brings our water features to life like none other. Carry them in a bucket as a good luck charm, keep them at home where they will splash about, or use them to protect your shores from drowned. There is a reason they are also called mud puppies, and it’s because they’re as cute as that name sounds!

1. Bee

Bee Mob The time has come to name our number one, the bee! This bumbly buddy of unrealistic proportions has large eyes, tiny wigs, and a fluffy body covered in pollen that would make anyone hug them if not for their stings. And all of this is in addition to just how important bees are to the world we live in. Minecraft’s bee wins!

Top 5 Cutest Minecraft Mobs

There were so many cute mobs, making it so hard to pick! Was there a mob you would argue is cuter than our top five? We’re sorry cats and dogs! We’re already racked with guilt. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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