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Top 5 Conan Exile Mods of 2022

Posted on by amber
The year has come to a close and players have made it clear which mods of 2022 they loved the most! So, today we will be exploring the top five Conan Exile Mods of 2022, each already compatible with 3.0!

Tome of Forbidden Arts

Tome of Forbidden Arts Screenshot Tome of Forbidden Arts by Derken expands the sorcery added in 3.0 with spells themed around necromancy, demonology, and death knights! This means summoning demons that will obey every command, controlling the forces of death with a sword in hand, and even bringing back the dead.

Thralls are Alive

This next mod aimed to make thralls more immersive alongside optional gameplay improvements, and they succeeded! Thralls are Alive gives your thralls day and night cycles, idling animations, patrol routes, and guard jobs. Going even further, they can train to grow stronger or work instead of idling the day away.

Evils Cabinet

Evil's Cabinet Conan Exiles Mod Logo Tired of standard armor and barbarian rags? So were many others, supposedly! EvilGrin’s Evils Cabinet adds plenty of new clothing and armor to spruce up your sorcerer or barbarian, but not for free! Evils Workbench will be needed for the tailoring or smithing to commence.
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Navi’s Extended Leveling Mod

Navi’s Extended Leveling Mod Screenshot Navi’s Extended Leveling Mod is very simple in design, it gives you more levels to grind! Instead of being capped at level 60, players can now continue up to 120. More feat points, more gameplay, more fun!

Pythagoras: Expanded Building

Finally, Pythagoras: Expanded Building does exactly as its name describes! Players who love building will find all the beloved features of the original version alongside new additions that simply make building both easier and more fun. These include additional ceiling support options, double doors, additional sockets, and more!

Top 5 Conan Exile Mods of 2022

With Conan Exiles 3.0 just recently being released, the number of compatible mods were quite slim, but thankfully the big names updated quick! Was there a mod you thought would be in the top five most popular Conan Exile Mods of 2022? We would love to know! Until Next time, BisectHosting =)
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