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The Isle

The Isle Growth Guide - How to Grow Fast

Posted on by justin
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Hunting prey or eating other food options in The Isle is difficult if you're still a juvie. If you truly want to make your mark on the world, you must grow fast to get ahead. In our The Isle growth guide, we'll cover how to level up fast to adulthood and put your juvenile days behind you.

The Isle Growth System Explained (And How to Grow Fast)

The Isle Growth First, it’s important to note that growth in The Isle is only possible in the Evrima Branch. The legacy version doesn’t have the features necessary to make the game’s playable characters grow by default. However, Legacy Branch server administrators can toggle growth in the server settings. Players in the Evrima Branch typically use the Diet and Subsistence System. Players must follow each dinosaur's nutritional needs through this mechanic for the creature to grow.
Diet System
Introduced in Update #4, players can access each dinosaur’s relevant information by pressing the Tab keyboard key (by default). Here, look at the text under the “Status Report” section to check your dinosaur’s current state, including the creature’s nutritional needs. Additionally, to the left of the “Status Report” section is the “Preferred Food” segment, showing your chosen dinosaur’s desired food choices. This segment also shows the usual locations of the favored food options. For example, choosing a carnivore may show you the general locations of boar, deer, and other prey. At the bottom of the “Preferred Food” section is the “Growth” bar. Filling this gauge will make your chosen dinosaur evolve to its next growth stage. Thankfully, it’s reasonably easy to find food in The Isle, thanks to the game’s Scent feature. Hold the “Q” keyboard key (by default) to activate your dino’s smelling ability. Then, follow that scent until you reach your food’s location.
Nutrient Types
The Isle typically lets dinosaurs prioritize three different nutrient types, which are the following:
  • S: Protein
  • //: Lipids
  • ∴: Carbohydrates
Eating different food options can provide various buffs to each dinosaur. For example, eating a mixture of Protein, Lipids, and Carbohydrates grants the player a +50% growth rate increase. Be wary, as the nutrient requirements for each dinosaur vary. Choosing carnivores might benefit new players, thanks to their broader food range. On the other hand, herbivores may find it more challenging to scour for food than carnivores. Additionally, it’s possible to eat your own kind in The Isle. However, committing cannibalism invokes serious consequences, such as significant nutrient loss and loss of control over the dinosaur. Additionally, the dino might experience vomiting and become temporarily infertile.
Diet Combinations
As mentioned earlier, eating different food options grants players various buffs. Here's a breakdown of the required nutrients to consume and their accompanying perks:
  • ∴, S, //: Growth Rate Increased +50%
  • ∴, ∴, ∴: Growth Rate Increased +15% and Sprint/Swimming Cost Decreased +25%
  • ∴, ∴, //: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Scent/NV Range Increased +10%, Stamina Decay Decreased +15%, and Sprint/Swimming Cost Decreased +15%
  • ∴, ∴, S: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Health/Locked Health Regen Increased +10%, Sprint/Swimming Cost Decreased +15%, and Fracture Resist Increased +10%
  • //, //, //: Growth Rate Increased +15% and Scent/NV Range Increased +25%
  • //, //, ∴: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Sprint/Swimming Cost Decreased, +10% Scent/NV Range, and Increased +15% Blood Regen Increased +10%
  • //, //, S: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Health/Locked Health Regen Increased, +10% Scent/NV Range Increased, and +15% Bleed Resist Increased +10%
  • S, S, S: Growth Rate Increased +15% and Health/Locked Health Regen Increased +25%
  • S, S, ∴: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Health/Locked Health Regen Increased +15%, Fracture Regen Increased +10%, and Sprint/Swimming Cost Decreased +10%
  • S, S, //: Growth Rate Increased +30%, Health/Locked Health Regen Increased, +15% Scent/NV Range Increased +10%, and Egg Incubation Speed Increased +10%
Additionally, different body parts have varying nutrients. Nonetheless, here’s a list of organs that typically contain specific nutrients:
  • Intestines: //
  • Lungs:
  • Heart: S
Note: Eating the stomach grants the player the highest percentage of nutrients for the eaten food. However, the nutrients gained from eating this organ depend on the food consumed. Failure to eat won't only reduce growth progress but also makes the dinosaur malnourished. If so, the creature will receive various debuffs, including a -75% growth and infertility rate.

How to Grow/Level Up Fast on The Isle

Generally, following the correct diet in The Isle can make a dinosaur grow or level up fast. However, only one nutrient combination can make a player grow faster than others: ∴, S, and //. Eating foods that contain Protein, Lipids, and Carbohydrates will incur a +50% growth rate increase, which is the highest growth rate buff in the game at the time of writing. Also, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to ensure fast growth in The Isle:
  • Do rotate hunting or feeding grounds to meet different nutritional requirements
  • Do rest between trips to find food, especially to help reduce fullness
  • Don’t waste stamina during hunting or eating runs
  • Don’t cannibalize
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