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The Isle

The Isle Controls Guide: All PC Controls & Keybinds

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
Mastering the controls in the unforgiving world of The Isle is crucial. The last thing you'd want is to fumble the controls during a fight or when you're running away from a predator. Below, you'll find the basic controls for The Isle, empowering you to navigate these moments confidently.

The Isle Controls Guide

The Isle Controls Note that The Isle is only available for the PC at the time of writing. So, the following controls primarily focus on the keyboard and mouse:

PC (Keyboard & Mouse)

Basic Controls
  • Walk Forward: W
  • Turn Right: D
  • Turn Left: A
  • Look Back: S
  • Crouch: C
  • Rest: H
  • Run: Shift (hold)
  • Trot: Z (toggle)
  • Night Vision: N (toggle)
  • Fake Limping: G (toggle)
  • Attack 1: Left mouse click
  • Attack 2: Right mouse click
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Turn in Place: Alt
  • Nest: B (female only)
  • Scent: J (toggle)
  • Open Menu: Escape
  • Information: Tab
  • Broadcast Call: 1
  • Friendly Call: 2
  • Aggressive Call: 3
  • Help Call: 4
  • Short Call: F
Does The Isle Have Controller Support? The Isle offers partial controller support, allowing players to use a gamepad for this dinosaur survival title. However, it's worth noting that controlling your chosen dinosaur using a gamepad may provide a different experience compared to a keyboard and mouse. The choice is yours, ensuring your comfort and playstyle. Keep in mind that some controls for The Isle don’t have default keybinds for controllers or gamepads. For instance, here are the default controls for using an Xbox 360 controller to play The Isle:
  • Attack: Right trigger
  • Night Vision: Right bumper
  • Move Camera: Right analog stick
  • Crouch: Press the right analog stick
  • Eat/Drink: X
  • Scent: Y
  • Jump: A
  • Sprint: B (hold)
  • Broadcast Call: Up directional button
  • Friendly Call: Left directional button
  • Aggressive Call: Right directional button
  • Help Call: Down directional button
Nonetheless, players can set their preferred controller keybinds in the Settings menu. It might be easier to access controller controls when Steam is in Big Picture mode. If you're looking into starting a The Isle dedicated server, click the link below to start one in a few easy steps! Otherwise, talk with our 24/7 support staff for concerns and questions.
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