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The Isle

The Isle Console Commands & Admin Panel Guide

Posted on by justin
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The prehistoric world of The Isle can be dangerous for experienced players, and absolutely ruthless to the unprepared. Sometimes, you might need extra help, and this assistance can come in the form of admin console commands in The Isle.

The Isle Console Commands & How to Access Admin Panel

The Isle Admin Console Commands First, press the Enter key (by default) to open the chat/command console. Also, you might need to type “/adminpanel" (without the quotes) before accessing the administrator commands. This extra step is a typical requirement for the Evrima Branch. If typing “/adminpanel” doesn’t work, pressing the Insert keyboard key may let you use the admin commands. It’s also important to mention that some admin console commands for The Isle may only work if you're a server administrator. With that, here are the admin commands you can use in The Isle:
  • /announce: make a server announcement
  • /kick [player name or Steam ID] [reason]: Kick a player from the server
  • /ban [player name or Steam ID] [hours] [reason]: Temporarily bans a specific player from the server for a set period
  • /unban [Steam ID]: Unbans a banned player
  • /grow [player name]: Activate the next growth stage for yourself or another player
  • /heal [player name]: Heals a player’s broken leg and restores hunger and thirst
  • /slay [player name]: Kills specific player
  • /goto [player name]: Teleport to the specified player’s position
  • /bring [player name]: Teleports the specified player to your position
  • /time [hour]: Change the in-game time
  • /weather [condition]: Changes the in-game weather
  • Backslash (\): Toggle Spectator Mode
Note that you don’t need to add the brackets when typing the details for most of The Isle admin console commands. For example, if you want to change the map’s current weather, type and enter “/weather storm” (without the quotes). Also, ensure you're typing these console commands in the local chat. Although it's still possible to type and enter these admin commands in the global chat, doing so generally causes a wall of text. Being a server administrator of a dedicated server for The Isle can also give you more control over your game. Click on the link below to start one in a few easy steps. Chat with our 24/7 support staff if you have concerns or questions.
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