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The Front Patch 1.0.10: Limited Halloween Event, New Equipment, & More

Posted on by justin
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It has been a few weeks since The Front’s Early Access release. Now, players can enjoy its version update, which brings a limited-time Halloween Event, new electrical equipment, and more! So, keep reading to know the details surrounding The Front Patch 1.0.10.

What’s in The Front Patch 1.0.10?

The Front Patch 1.0.10 Halloween Event One of the highlights of The Front Patch 1.0.10 is a limited-time Halloween Event running from 00:00 October 31 to 00:00 November 7 UTC. During the event, players may receive Halloween-exclusive rewards, namely Coffins, Tombstones, Pumpkins, Halloween Helmets, and Jack-o-Lanterns. Players have a higher chance of receiving these rewards the more they receive supplies. Call for supplies by facing your Spacetime Beacon, then press and hold the Use key (the “F” keyboard key by default). Next, choose the “Receive Supplies” option. Tip: Skip the grind in gathering the materials needed to craft the Spacetime Beacon by using admin commands. Additionally, this update adds new equipment for players to craft and use. These items are the Expanded Coupler and Expanded Splitter. Plus, new character talents are available, which have effects that include shortening crafting time, reduced vehicle fuel consumption, and reduced material consumption for vehicle repairs.

The Front 1.0.10 Full Patch Notes – October 30, 2023

The Front Patch 1.0.10 Aside from the limited-time Halloween Event, this update delivers various changes and improvements to the game. You’ll find the patch notes for The Front Patch 1.0.10 below:

New Electrical Equipment and Character Talents

  • Expanded Coupler, featuring 10 input ports and 1 output port
  • Expanded Splitter, featuring 1 input port and 10 output ports
  • New character talents, with effects including shortened crafting time, reduced vehicle fuel consumption, reduced material requirements for vehicle repairs, reduced vehicle fall damage, and more.

Adjustments and Optimizations

Quality Of Life
  • No-fly zone alerts will appear while piloting helicopters over restricted areas
Game Balance
  • Increased "Annihilator" Sniper Rifle’s damage against human NPCs and animals by 25%
  • Molotov Cocktails now only damage wooden and stone structures
  • "Annihilator" Sniper Rifles are the only firearms that can damage helicopters
  • Fixed some points on which models could get stuck, crevices, textures, weather, lighting, floating resources, model collisions, and more
  • When vehicle tires are blown out, their models will now appear as damaged
  • Optimized standby performance of some in-game human NPCs

Game and Server Bug Fixes

Game Fixes
  • It should no longer be necessary to reactivate followers working at workbenches when servers are restarted
  • Fixed issue in which Logging Trucks could not collect resources from certain trees
  • Fixed issue in which a Territory Flag’s Durability would be shown as 0, but the structure would not be broken
  • Fixed issue in which cables and pipes could not be removed after the total connection spanned a certain distance
  • Fixed issue with Work Clothes Preservation and Combat Clothes Preservation talents
  • Fixed issue that would cause some structures to float in the air
  • Fixed issue in which Spacetime Beacons would spawn an abnormal number of monsters when placed in certain areas
  • Fixed issue in which dropped crates would disappear when blimps were destroyed
  • Fixed known terrain issues
  • Fixed Steel Tri-Floor collision issues
  • Fixed display issue caused by using scopes when the game was set to a high resolution
  • Fixed issue in which characters would not sprint normally when the sprint setting was set to Toggle
  • Fixed inconsistent Stone Foundation 2x2 and Stone Foundation textures
Server/Client Fixes
  • Fixed some known issues that would cause servers to crash
Solo/Hosted Game Fixes
  • Fixed issue in which Future Supplies would not appear normally
  • Fixed issue in which server hosts could not rescue other players
  • Fixed issue in which server hosts would eat an abnormal amount of food when eating
  • Fixed issue in which loaded ammunition would disappear when server was restarted
  • Fixed issue with firearm and tool model collision
  • Fixed issue in which crops would disappear when server was restarted
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