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The Canceled Features of Minecraft 1.19 – Fireflies, Biome Updates, & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, or The Mild Update as some players have taken to calling it, saw an abundance of content cut leading up to its release. Now with regulated chats coming to Java 1.19.1, it is not a stretch to say the Wild Update may go down in history as one of Minecraft’s most controversial updates. Today we explore the canceled features of Minecraft 1.19 to see where the uproar all began.


Minecraft Fireflies Concept Art

Minecraft Live 2021 showcased the firefly mob, which was supposed to act as the food source for frogs. However, nearly a year later, the developers would announce their removal due to many fireflies being poisonous to frogs in reality. A choice that was similarly made for Minecraft’s parrots when it was pointed out that feeding chocolate chip cookies to birds would kill them.

Browsing online forums, most saw it as a justified reason not to have frogs eat fireflies, but that did not answer the question as to why fireflies would not be added at all. Per the same “Ask Mojang” video, there were also no future plans to add Fireflies either.

Birch Forest Overhaul

Minecraft Birch Forest Concept Art

Alongside Fireflies, concept art for a birch forest overhaul was shown at Minecraft live 2021. In it, players were able to see taller birch trees, fallen logs, mushrooms on trees, and new flowers. This change, the swamp revamp, and slight adjustments across other biomes were the reason for the “Wild Update” title.

However, in the same “Ask Mojang” video mentioned prior, the birch forest revamp would also be canceled with the stated reasoning being “showcasing concept art is not a commitment.” Players were very quick to show their disappointment, and the term “Mild Update” started to gain traction.


Minecraft Bundle Item

Adding a little more burn to the heated debate of Minecraft 1.19 was the continued absence of bundles. A highly anticipated inventory storage item announced back in 2020 for the Caves and Cliffs update.

Mojang stated they would not be added in The Wild Update, but that did not stop players from questioning if Mojang was repeatedly promising too much. After all, the DeepDark was also supposed to be in the Caves and Cliffs update. The only original content of the Wild Update remaining was the swamp revamp, frogs, and allay.

Copper Horn

Minecraft Copper Horn Item

The final item scraped with Minecraft 1.19 was the copper horn. A goat horn covered in copper that made a distinctly different noise from its regular horn counterparts.

First introduced in 1.18 experiment patches, Mojang would state during a 1.19 feedback post that despite community feedback for the item being positive, it did not meet their design goals.

The Cancelled Features of Minecraft 1.19

For many players, the Wild Update was relatively mild, and now with undesired chat moderation on the horizon, I fear that the discontent will only grow further. Mojang is, of course, under no obligation to continue making free updates, but we can hope the next update makes up for the cut content and unexpected chat additions. What is your opinion on these canceled features?

Until Next Time,

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