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The Best Quarantine Creations in Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

COVID-19 quarantine has meant plenty more people at home, and that’s really gotten creativity flowing.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best quarantine creations in Minecraft.

Ziplining All-In-One Kit

For players looking to push Minecraft to its constructional limits, you don’t always have to dream big when it comes to structures. One Minecraft player decided to start small, and build out.

Minecraft Zip lining

(Credit: ShrimpySeagull)

Their creation is a single kit that expands out via more than 1000 command blocks to create an entire zip-lining system to travel across ravines with.

You can see it in action here.

While the device is massively practical in the end, of course the creation for it takes up more time than its worth. But with coronavirus quarantine, players have much more time on their hands, and we can be thankful that this awesome innovation has come (if for anything, to inspire more creative devices like it).

Minecraft Pickaxe Olympics 2020

Have you ever thought of how each pickaxe does in a long-distance mining competition?

Look no further! A recent video has been posted showing how the pickaxes do when mining down a line of stone blocks, demonstrating speed and durability.

You can watch the race here.

This is a great lesson for new players on the golden pickaxe, which seems amazing at first, but quickly peters out when faced with all other types of pickaxes in Minecraft. 

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This also shows just how reliable some basic materials are in the game, and why your survival playthroughs should stick to the fundamentals rather than get too fancy with tools.

We can only hope for more content in this vein to help educate people on the finer details of MInecraft, possibly including enchantments next time!

Minecraft Educational Resources for Home Learning

Minecraft offers players near infinite possibilities. One of the most interesting during coronavirus quarantine is Microsoft extending free access to Minecraft Education Edition, and its online educational resources for students to use during coronavirus quarantine.

This gesture is an awesome one for the game, and will certainly help get students interested in their learning, and provide access for those with limitations.

Regardless of whether schools or teachers take the platform up, which some certainly will, this is still an awesome resource for students.

Ominous Whale Skeleton 

This fantastic screenshot comes as a result of hardwork from user pleinair1212, who created this scene using fog from the Nether, and a very well constructed structure.

This could be an amazing centerpiece in any Minecraft map, and immediately sets an ominous tone.

Minecraft Whale

(Credit: pleinair1212)

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