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Terraria Solar Eclipse Event Guide: How to Start, All Enemies, & Loot

Posted on by justin
It starts as another day in Terraria. Suddenly, the sky turns dark, and creatures of the night rise from their slumber in search of their next victim – you. Thankfully, defeating these unique enemies can present you with valuable loot. Continue reading to take advantage of this Solar Eclipse event in Terraria to its fullest.

Terraria Solar Eclipse Event: An Overview

Terraria Solar Eclipse The Solar Eclipse is a Hardmode event that brings horror-themed monsters to the world’s surface. Although it’s not as challenging as other events, like the Old One’s Army invasion, it’s still inaccessible for beginners and requires some preparation to prevent early death.
How to Start
A Solar Eclipse can randomly occur in the world, albeit at a low 5% chance after defeating at least one Mechanical boss. Alternatively, a player can use the Solar Tablet item to trigger the event (starting from version Note that this item is only obtainable after defeating Plantera. The message “A solar eclipse is happening!” will appear on the screen’s bottom left corner upon the event’s activation, regardless of the method used to trigger it. A Solar Eclipse event in Terraria will start at sunrise and ends at sunset. Also, the Solar Eclipse will only happen if the player is on the surface. That also means the event won’t trigger while the player explores underground areas. Note: A Solar Eclipse event can still happen in a Remix world seed. But the message “The horrors have arrived!” will appear instead of “A solar eclipse is happening!” since the world doesn’t have a sun.
Enemies and Loot
Unlike other Terraria invasions, such as the Frost Moon event, the Solar Eclipse event doesn’t have waves of monsters or a point system. Instead, it replaces the enemies appearing on the surface with horror-themed variants. Additionally, the enemies appearing during the event change depending on the player’s progress. The event’s enemies, and the unique items you can get from them, include the following:
Standard Enemies
  • Eyezor: Eye Spring, Eyezorhead, and Ocular Resonance
  • Frankenstein: Buddies
  • Swamp Thing: Buddies
  • Vampire: Broken Bat Wing and Moon Stone
  • Creature from the Deep: Neptune’s Shell
  • Fritz: Midnight Sun
  • The Possessed: Steak and This Is Getting Out Of Hand
After Beating the Three Mechanical Bosses
  • Reaper: Death Sickle and Requiem
After Defeating Plantera
  • Butcher: Butcher’s Chainsaw, Butcher’s set, and A Machine for Terrarians
  • Deadly Sphere: Deadly Sphere Staff
  • Dr. Man Fly: Toxic Flask and Dr. Man Fly set
  • Nailhead: Nail Gun (comes with Nails)
  • Psycho: Psycho Knife
  • Baby Mothron: N/A
  • Mothron: Mothron Wings and Wings of Evil

Tips and Tricks to Complete the Solar Eclipse Event in Terraria

Terraria How to Beat Solar Eclipse Since a Solar Eclipse may happen randomly, prepare for the event by making an arena before it occurs. A long stretch of blocks near a floating island should suffice. Also, avoid making the battleground too close to your town to prevent NPC deaths. Other tips and tricks that can help you make the most of the Solar Eclipse in Terraria are the following:
  • Consume a Battle Potion or place a Water Candle in your arena to increase the enemy spawn rate (ideal for farming the event’s rare drops)
  • Use a weapon with a fast attack speed, like the Fetid Baghnakhs, to shred enemy health quickly
  • Place enemy banners acquired from previous Solar Eclipse events to help improve survivability
  • Build a lava pit surrounding your battleground, and watch many grounded enemies die before ever reaching your character
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