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Terraria Frost Legion Event Guide: How to Start, All Enemies, Loot, & more

Posted on by justin
The Frost Legion event is part of the Christmas update in Terraria and is similar to the Goblin Army invasion but with sentient snowmen. This event features some iconic holiday foes to vanquish and some interesting unique loot as well - and it's not exactly a cakewalk to start. With that, here's how to begin the Frost Legion event in Terraria, its enemies, loot, and some tips and tricks to survive the onslaught.

Terraria Frost Legion Event: An Overview

Terraria Frost Legion Event Despite being a Hardmode event, the Frost Legion in Terraria is one of its easier invasions, particularly compared to others like Pumpkin Moon. Still, attempting this event unprepared might put you in a tight spot and an early grave.

How to Start the Frost Legion Event

Use the Snow Globe item to activate the event. But it can be challenging to acquire this item since you must open the Present item to get a Snow Globe. Note that the Present item is only obtainable from Hardmode enemies during the Christmas event. Also, getting the Present and the Snow Globe items rely heavily on RNG. So, obtaining these items can take a while if you’re unlucky. Alternatively, you might be able to acquire Presents and a Snow Globe on Christmas day after completing the Frost Moon invasion. A status message will appear on the screen’s bottom-left corner, saying, “The Frost Legion is approaching from the east/west!” After a few seconds, you should be able to see the sentient snowmen charging in your direction from the position indicated in the message. Completing the event requires you to kill 120 snowmen-type enemies. Note that the number scales per player in the same world. So if you’re playing with seven other people in one Terraria map, your team must defeat 400 enemies to finish the invasion. Note: It’s possible to trigger the event in a pre-Hardmode world even if you acquire the Snow Globe in a Hardmode map.

Enemies and Loot

Terraria Frost Legion Enemies and Loot The Frost Legion might not pique the interest of some players, primarily because of its lack of enemy and item variety. In particular, you’ll only encounter three unique enemies during this invasion:
  • Mister Shabby
  • Snowman Gangsta
  • Snow Balla
Plus, all enemies drop only one item: Snow Block. However, completing the event for the first time triggers the “Do You Want to Slay a Snowman?” achievement. Tip: Reach a point wherein you can easily finish this event by reading our guide on progressing from a Terraria beginner.

Tips and Tricks

Even though the Frost Legion event is fairly easy, some players might still find it challenging to complete. So, here are some tips and tricks you may find useful to help finish this invasion without much difficulty.
  • Make a lava moat. Activate the event, be at the moat’s center, and watch the sentient snowmen jump to their doom.
  • Fight the enemies from a distance. Use range, magic, or summon weapons to reduce as much incoming damage as possible.
  • Hide behind a closed space. The snowmen’s attacks can’t penetrate surfaces, but some weapons in Terraria can.
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