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Sunkenland Update V0.200 (Public Test Branch): Patch Notes & All Changes

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes)
The underwater world of Sunkenland is now scarier than before. Additional challenges appear on the map, including underwater volcanoes. Thankfully, survivors can use new features to increase survivability, like the new gun assembly system. So, keep reading as we dive deep into the details of the Sunkenland Public Test Branch Update V0.200.

What’s in the Sunkenland Public Test Branch Update V0.200?

Sunkenland Public Test Branch Update V0.200 Players who opt into the Sunkenland Public Test Branch can take advantage of the new additions and features included in Update V0.200. Some new additions include new items, such as large scuba air tanks, portable repair tools, and fishing nets. Also, open the building menu to see and craft new structures, such as hall walls, diagonal walls, and more. Additionally, Public Test Branch players can now assemble guns. First, you must find recycled broken guns while exploring the map. Then, repair those weapons by obtaining parts like barrels, magazines, and stocks. Moving forward, players won’t only worry about sharks and pirates while exploring Sunkenland’s waters. With the Public Test Branch Update V0.200, volcanoes started appearing, which can put you in more danger than before. However, these volcanoes also bring additional resources, such as sulfur.

Sunkenland Public Test Branch Update V0.200 Full Patch Notes

Below are the full patch notes for the Sunkenland Public Test Branch Update V0.200: Developer’s note: This version does not include the dedicated servers feature. We still need more time for the implementation of dedicated servers, as we are currently facing some technical issues. However, it will be available soon.
  • Improved Game Balance: We are working on making the game smoother by rebalancing the overall progression. We've also clarified the technology stages and the materials needed to advance, preventing any unexpected leaps in technology.
  • Gun Assembly: We've introduced a new gun assembly system where you'll need to recycle broken guns to obtain components like barrels, magazines, and stocks, which you can then use to assemble new firearms. Please note that this feature is still experimental and will evolve in the future.
  • Improved Underwater Biomes: Explore the underwater world with more visually distinct biomes. Our new volcano region is an example, offering a unique visual experience and providing valuable materials like sulfur. This is the beginning of our efforts to enhance exploration and set the stage for future stories, lore, and puzzles.
  • New Items: Added a range of new items, including large scuba air tanks, fishing nets, batteries, gun display boards, portable repair tools, and even a bird-catching net.
  • New Building Structures: Added new structures like roofs, triangular walls, hall walls, diagonal walls, and more.
  • Updated Missions: We've added several missions, mostly focused on combat, to keep the action going.
  • Balanced Economy: We've revisited all prices and item stack sizes to ensure a fair and balanced in-game economy.
  • Weapon and Enemy Adjustments: Expect changes to weapon damage, enemy damage, and health for a more engaging gameplay experience.

How to Enter the Sunkenland Public Test Branch?

Access the Sunkenland Public Test Branch by right-clicking on the game’s name in your Steam Library. Then, select “Properties” from the context menu and navigate to the “Betas” tab. From here, click the Beta Participation dropdown box and choose “publictest.” It’s also important to mention that save files from the base game can’t be played in the Public Test Branch. So, you must create a new game in the Public Test Branch if you want to opt into it. If you want to opt out of the Public Test Branch, select “None” from the Beta Participation dropdown box.
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