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Starbound Race Guide: All Playable Races & Unique Abilities

Posted on by justin
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When starting a new character in Starbound, players have plenty of different options that all specialize in different activities and sport their own unique lore and role in the universe. Aside from their differences in appearance, each race has unique advantages to help with exploration, combat, or communication. So, continue reading to dive deeper into all of the races in Starbound.

Starbound Races & Abilities

Starbound Race Guide Each race in Starbound has a unique background and appearance. Apart from their histories and looks, each race can also equip unique weapons and armor. If equipped with the right gear, the character gains abilities that are typically not available in other races. At the time of writing, Starbound has seven races, which include the following:
  • Avian
  • Apex
  • Human
  • Floran
  • Hylotl
  • Glitch
  • Novakid


Starbound Human In-Game Description: "In spite of their long and turbulent history, humans tend to possess a lighthearted and optimistic outlook towards life and the universe. Humanity set about forming a society that would unite the people of the universe – The Terrene Protectorate." Humans in Starbound have a keen eye for detail and display critical thinking prowess. This race’s deep appreciation for diversity allows its community to interact with other cultures and form rich alliances. Additionally, wearing armor meant for humans can increase the character’s inventory size.


Starbound Avian In-Game Description: "Avians are a race of colorful birdfolk whose tribal culture revolves around the worship of Kluex – the winged god of the Aether. Their soldiers are trained from birth to be fierce warriors who will protect their temples at any cost." As Avians, players can reach locations that are generally difficult to access for other races. An Avian character wearing armor unique to this race can enable flight. Plus, Avians typically dig faster than other races, allowing them to find resources quickly.


Starbound Apex In-Game Description: "A race of highly intelligent primates. For millennia, the Apex were close to human in appearance until a scientific breakthrough allowed them to trade physical devolution for intellectual evolution." Apexes’ slim stature possess impressive dexterity, allowing them to quickly move about the battlefield. Their slim legs also allow each character in this racial group to jump higher than others, as long as they’re wearing the appropriate armor.


Starbound Floran In-Game Description: "Don’t be fooled by their peaceful appearance! Florans are known throughout the universe to be aggressive, carnivorous hunters. Not particularly inventive of their own, they’re fond of stealing and adapting technology from people they’ve attacked." As the plant people of Starbound, Florans can “photosynthesize” and recover health when under direct sunlight. However, the character must be wearing Floran armor to unlock this abilitiy. Plus, Florans are hostile, allowing them to take down enemies that are even larger than themselves.


Hylotl In-Game Description: "The peaceful Hylotl place great value on ancestral tradition and take great comfort in the arts. Originally dwelling on land, their passive nature made them easy prey for the Florans and they were driven beneath the waves, where they now thrive." If Avians take the skies, the Hylotl dive deep underwater – indefinitely (while wearing the appropriate armor). The Hylotl race must also use their ability to hide underwater to their advantage, given that their health pool is typically lower than other races.


Starbound Glitch In-Game Description: "The Glitch were built in order to simulate a civilization. A fault in their programming caused them to become stuck early in simulation, and to this day they are unable to shake their Medieval values and beliefs." Starbound players who prioritize resource-gathering over combat may consider selecting the Glitch race for their characters. As a Glitch, and while wearing the right armor, the character can mine faster than any other race in the game.


Novakid In-Game Description: "The Novakids are a mysterious race of ‘interstellar gas-bag people.’ They have no charted settlements and no documented history. They’re volatile beings, untroubled by the past. No one known what they’re made of, much less where they came from." Introduced in Starbound’s Winter Update, the Novakid is the game’s seventh race. This group of star beings have aesthetics inspired by the Wild West. Novakids also have natural cloaking abilities, allowing them to dodge incoming attacks and create openings to defeat enemies.
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