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Starbound Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With Bisecthosting

Posted on by justin
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Starbound takes players all across the galaxy, and this massive adventure game can be whatever you make of it. If you're looking to host your very own Starbound server, you've come to the right place. We're happy to announce that Starbound is officially joining our game lineup, so start your space adventure today with a Starbound dedicated server with BisectHosting!

Starbound Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Starbound Dedicated Server Starbound is a 2D space exploration title with procedurally generated universes. It has features similar to other games, especially when compared to Terraria. Some players may even call it Terraria in space. However, Starbound sets itself apart from titles like Terraria by allowing players to explore planets instead of biomes. As mentioned earlier, the game procedurally generates the worlds, making each player’s experience unique. Nonetheless, Starbound players will use various mainstay features offered by the game, including the following:
Limitless Adventures
Are you bored of your current planet of residence? Do you want to explore other worlds beyond the stars? Starbound gives you that and more! Travel to a planet with an ancient temple. Otherwise, you may come across one with a modern metropolis. Where will your ship take you next?
Flexible Combat
In space, no one can hear your scream. But it’s also the same with your enemies. So, use different gear and abilities to ensure your opponents won’t get the best of you. Take advantage of various weapon types, including those that can deal damage from afar or close range. You can also apply multiple status effects to your enemies, some of which can deal damage over time.
Select Your Difficulty
Starbound invites players of all skill levels. Choose between the Casual, Survival, and Hardcore difficulty modes. Casual difficulty has no hunger mechanic and won’t be punished when you die. Survival difficulty is like a Normal mode, wherein a hunger system exists, and you’ll lose items upon death. However, if you’re looking for a greater challenge than Survival, Hardcore mode can be the right difficulty setting. Select this mode, and your character has permadeath. That means you’ll lose everything, including the ability to select your character.
Choose Your Race
Select from seven different races in Starbound, which are the following:
  • Human
  • Apex
  • Avian
  • Hylotl
  • Glitch
  • Floran
  • Novakid
Each race has unique features. For example, Apex are primates that acquired vast intellect through centuries of intelligent evolution. Another example is the Glitch, humanoid androids with firm Medieval beliefs.
Item Crafting and Manipulation
Starbound lets players use collected resources to craft various items, such as building blocks and powerful weapons. Additionally, use the Matter Manipulator, the first tool you’ll acquire in the game, to use systems like collecting specific resources, painting blocks, and connecting technologies.
Mods and Multiplayer
Having trouble defeating a boss alone? Perhaps it’s lonely being the only person in the mansion you built. Thankfully, Starbound has an online co-op, letting you and your friends live the space life of your dreams. Additionally, Starbound invites modders to play with the game’s resources to make each gaming experience distinct from the next. Mods are reasonably easy to install, and a rich player community is involved in modding the game.

Starbound Dedicated Server Features

Enjoy different features with a Starbound dedicated server from BisectHosting. Some notable examples include the following:
  • Quick Setup: Don’t worry about waiting for days to set up your Starbound dedicated server. Let us set up your server so you won’t miss a second of your space adventures.
  • 24/7 Starbound Support: If you encounter a concern with your server, our support team is always ready to give a proper resolution to that issue.
  • Starbound DDOS Protection: Only worry about hostile space enemies in Starbound, and don’t fret about hijackers to your server. All Starbound dedicated servers have DDOS protection, and you’ll get it at no extra charge.
  • Automatic Updates: Minimize upkeep maintenance as our Starbound servers have automatic updates. That way, you’ll always enjoy the latest updates and the content they bring.
Are you ready to start your Starbound dedicated server with BisectHosting today? Click on the link below and start a Starbound server with us in a few easy steps.
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