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Squad Admin Commands

Posted on by justin
Like other FPS titles, such as The Front, Squad has a set of admin commands that administrators can use to help bring order to a server and its games. You can find these admin commands in Squad and learn how to use them below!

How to Use Admin Commands in Squad

Squad Admin Commands Note that admin commands in Squad are only usable if the player has the appropriate access level. Only server administrators can add and remove players from accessing administrative commands. A player with access to admin commands can open the console by double-tapping the tilde (~) key on an English keyboard. Sometimes, this command may not work. If so, press “J” on your keyboard, then delete the “ChatToAll” command that appears.

All Admin Commands in Squad




AdminKick AdminKick <NameOrSteamId> <KickReason> Kicks a player from the server.
AdminKickById AdminKickById <PlayerId> <KickReason> Kicks a player with ID from the server.
AdminBan AdminBan <NameOrSteamId> <BanLength> <BanReason> Bans a player from the server for a length of time.  0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc.
AdminBanById AdminBanById <PlayerId> <BanLength> <BanReason> Bans player with ID from the server for length of time. 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc.
AdminBroadcast AdminBroadcast <Message> Send system message to all players on the server.
ChatToAdmin ChatToAdmin <Message> Send system message to all admins on the server.
AdminEndMatch AdminEndMatch Tell the server to immediately end the match.
AdminPauseMatch AdminPauseMatch Tell the server to put the match on hold.
AdminUnpauseMatch AdminUnpauseMatch Tell the server to take off the hold.
AdminChangeLayer AdminChangeLayer <LayerName> Change the layer and travel to it immediately.
AdminSetNextLayer AdminSetNextLayer <LayerName> Set the next layer to travel to after the current match ends.
AdminSetMaxNumPlayers AdminSetMaxNumPlayers <NumPlayers> Set the maximum number of players for this server.
AdminSetServerPassword AdminSetServerPassword <Password> Set the password for a server or use "" to remove it.
AdminSlomo AdminSlomo <TimeDilation> Set the clock speed on the server. 0.1 is 10% of the normal speed 2.0 is twice the normal speed.
AdminForceTeamChange AdminForceTeamChange <NameOrSteamId> Changes a player’s team.
AdminForceTeamChangeById AdminForceTeamChangeById <PlayerId> Changes a player with a certain ID’s team.
AdminForceAllDeployableAvailability AdminForceAllDeployableAvailability <0>|<1> Sets the server to ignore placement rules for deployables.
AdminNoRespawnTimer AdminNoRespawnTimer <0>|<1> Layer based setting, disables respawn timer.
AdminNoTeamChangeTimer AdminNoTeamChangeTimer <0>|<1> Layer based setting, disables team change timer.
AdminDisableVehicleClaiming AdminDisableVehicleClaiming <0>|<1> Sets the server to disable vehicle claiming
AdminForceAllRoleAvailability AdminForceAllRoleAvailability <0>|<1> Sets the server to ignore kit restrictions
AdminNetTestStart AdminNetTestStart Starts the network test and prints it to the clients logs
AdminNetTestStop AdminNetTestStop Stops the network test and prints it to the clients logs
AdminListDisconnectedPlayers AdminListDisconnectedPlayers List recently disconnected player ids with associated player name and SteamId
TraceViewToggle TraceViewToggle Runs a trace from center of screen out to any objects and displays information about that object
AdminCreateVehicle AdminCreateVehicle <Vehiclelink> Allows you to spawn a vehicle on an unlicensed servers or on a local server
AdminDemoteCommander AdminDemoteCommander <PlayerName> Demote a commander specified by player name or Steam ID
AdminDemoteCommanderById AdminDemoteCommander <PlayerId> Demote a commander with Id from the server
AdminDisbandSquad AdminDisbandSquad <TeamNumber = [1|2]> <SquadIndex> Disbands the specified Squad (Which team 1 or 2 you will see on the team screen)
AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <PlayerName> Remove a player from their squad without kicking them
AdminRemovePlayerFromSquadById AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <PlayerId> Remove a player from their squad without kicking them via Id
AdminWarn AdminWarn <NameOrSteamId> <WarnReason> Warns a player from the server for being abusive.
AdminWarnById AdminWarnById <PlayerId> <WarnReason> Warns a player with Id from the server for being abusive.
AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation <0>|<1> If true, when a connection becomes saturated, all remaining actors that couldn’t complete replication will have ForceNetUpdate called on them
AdminProfileServer AdminProfileServer <SecondsToProfileFor> <0>|<1> Starts profiling on the server for a fixed length of time, after which the profiling data is saved to disk.
AdminRestartMatch AdminRestartMatch Tell the server to restart the match
AdminSetPublicQueueLimit AdminSetPublicQueueLimit <value> If value is 25, cap of public queue will be at 25. Disable public queue with 0. Set value to -1 for unlimited queue.
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