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Soulmask: Best Base Locations for Early to Mid-Game

Posted on by justin
One of your objectives in Soulmask is to build your main base location strategically, with plenty of factors to consider, including the general safety of your tribe, access to good resource-gathering locations, and proximity to important POIs. Here we'll cover some strong early to mid-game base locations in Soulmask to get your tribe started on the right foot.

Best Early to Mid-Game Base Locations in Soulmask

Soulmask Best Base Locations The best Soulmask base locations mentioned below consider various elements. These factors include danger levels, resource access, and distance from other points of interest (POIs).

Base Location #1: Resource Haunt

Soulmask Base Location 1 One drawback of this location for a potential base is the wildlife. In particular, the place is crawling with animals, including hostiles like panthers. Although these animals don’t possess high levels, it can be tough setting up a base for players with an Awareness Strength below level 5. On the other hand, players with a sufficiently high level should be able to deal with these animals with relative ease. So, this place earns a spot in the best base locations in Soulmask because it’s a great area for farming resources from different animals, such as Fresh Meat and Sharp Fang. Additionally, this place has a few Clay nodes, ideal for players looking to farm this resource to craft items like Sticky Traps, Bathtubs, Plasters, and more. Also, an Ancient Ruins Dungeon is across the river west of this location. Explore this dungeon to loot resources like Iron and Copper Ore. Note: The developers recommend reducing the difficulty if you’re having trouble with animals like panthers and alligators during the game’s early stages.

Base Location #2: A Safe Haven

Soulmask Base Location 2 This location has less dangerous wildlife compared to the first entry of this list, making it a relatively safe area for Soulmask beginners. As for resources, it’s a great place to farm Clay, and the location even has more of these resource-gathering nodes than the previous area. Apart from Clay, players can farm Copper Ore by walking slightly north of this location. Alternatively, travel slightly southwest for a Tin Ore farming spot. Two dungeons are also nearby, allowing you to farm resources like Green Crystals. However, if you’re farming for loot from animals, consider building a base at the first location instead of this place.

Base Location #3: A Beginner’s Paradise

Soulmask map location Perhaps you recently started Soulmask and are looking for a place to set up a base without different dangers, like panthers and jaguars. If so, this location can be ideal for beginners and those still on early-game content. In particular, the wildlife in this location has reasonably low levels. Additionally, most, if not all, of the animals are docile. So, you're free to build a base without hostile creatures disturbing your peace. However, there are only fairly few resources in this area. Here, you'll likely find most of the materials for starting players, such as Vines, Rocks, and Wood. So, you might have some trouble progressing through the game if you stick around this area for an extended period. Still, it can be a good place to return to after a long, exhausting day of exploration and dungeon crawling.

Base Location #4: An Ideal Resting Spot

Soulmask Base Location 4 This place is another haven for relatively any Soulmask player, regardless of their current state of progression. In particular, this place is relatively devoid of wildlife on land, allowing you to build a base without hostile animals disturbing your base-building sessions. However, some piranhas are inhabiting the nearby river, so be careful when going for a swim. This place is also one of the best base locations in Soulmask because of its resource-heavy environment. Grass, bushes, trees, rocks, and clay nodes are abundant in this area. Additionally, a small Barbarian Camp is slightly northwest of this location, allowing you to gather additional items. However, the resources found in this location are similar to the previous entry on this list. So, progressing can be challenging if you remain in this location for a long time. Are you ready to get started building your tribe in Soulmask? Try out these base locations and get to build now with a dedicated server today!
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