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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Flyswatter Trap Guide: How to Build, Requirements, and Tips & Tricks

Posted on by justin
Traps in Sons of the Forest can help players get rid of vermin, catch animals for food, and perhaps most importantly, deter enemies from camps. One of the most important traps in the game is the Flyswatter Trap, which can obliterate any poor cannibal that walks too close to your base. Here we'll cover how to build the Flyswatter Trap, how it works, and how to get the most out of the powerful defense tool.

How To Build the Flyswatter Trap in Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest Flyswatter Trap To build the Flyswatter Trap in Sons of the Forest, first, open the Guidebook (press the “B” keyboard key by default) and navigate to its Traps section (press the "X" keyboard key by default). Then, search for the Flyswatter Trap and click on it. Next, select your preferred location for the trap, and press "B" to set its crafting materials. Note you must have the following items to craft one Flyswatter Trap in Sons of the Forest:
  • 10x Sticks
  • 2x Rocks
  • 1x Rope
Thankfully, Sons of the Forest has these resources in abundance. You can find rocks and sticks almost everywhere on the map. On the other hand, you can find ropes in sealed crates and cannibal camps. Tip: Use item IDs and console commands to give yourself the crafting materials in making a Flyswatter Trap without looking for them on the island.

Locations to Build the Flyswatter Trap

Sons of the Forest Flyswatter Trap Location Some players may find it challenging to place the Flyswatter Trap because it has to be on reasonably flat ground. Below are some tips to help you find the best place to set this trap:


Open your GPS map and search for dirt roads on the island. These terrains are typically level, allowing you to place Flyswatter Traps easily.

Near Walls

Remember, you generally have to place walls on reasonably flat ground. So, placing Flyswatter Traps near those structures typically won’t give you much trouble. Plus, adding these traps near your base’s walls gives you an extra line of defense against enemies.

Near Boulders

Some enemies, particularly cannibals, will survey the area by climbing boulders and large rocks. Place Flyswatter Traps near the stones, and watch as these setups turn these enemies into past tense.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Flyswatter Trap

Sons of the Forest Flyswatter Trap Tips Apart from Flyswatter Traps requiring flat grounds, they also have other drawbacks to note. For instance, these traps don’t trigger when weirdly-shaped mutants and small animals (as of Patch 03) step on them. Plus, one enemy can trigger multiple Flyswatter Traps if these items are too close together. Nonetheless, Flyswatter Traps are ideal options to deal with some problematic enemies, thanks to their armor-ignoring damage capabilities. Also, the materials to make each Flyswatter Trap aren’t tricky to find, making it excellent protection from enemies during the game’s early stages.
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