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How to Craft Clay Mortar in Smalland

Posted on by justin
Exploring the land of the Smallfolk in Smalland is a long adventure that grows more and more difficult as you go. Eventually, you'll find a need for end-game equipment, and to get there, you'll need to craft Clay Mortar as you progress up the Smalland tech tree. This clay mortar will be used to make stone building parts, and you also must gather this material to reinforce your equipment. With that, here's how to craft clay mortar in Smalland, its uses, and everything you'll need to get it together.

Smalland Clay Mortar Crafting Requirements

Smalland Clay Mortar Clay is, obviously enough, the raw material needed to craft clay mortar in Smalland. But before you can harvest this item in the wild, you'll need the Spiked Pickaxe and a Windmill which must be present to refine Clay into Clay Mortar.

How to Make a Windmill

Smalland Windmill To put together your Windmill in Smalland, you'll need to gather the following materials first:
  • 5x Fiber: Harvest from various plants
  • 10x Silk: Break spider cocoons using the Flint Shears
  • 10x Fiber String: Refine fiber at the Loom & Spindle
  • 10x Refined Wood: Process Wood and Seed Oil at the Stonecutter

How to Make the Spiked Pickaxe

Smalland Spiked Pickaxe After building the Windmill, the next step is to craft the Spiked Pickaxe. You’ll need the following materials to craft this item:
  • 5x Resin
  • 5x Fiber
  • 5x Iron Shard
  • 5x Refined Wood
The Iron Shard is perhaps the most challenging resource to acquire out of all the items needed to make the Spiked Pickaxe. Take note that you don’t need any tool to gather Resin and Fiber (if gathered from Sprouts). On the other hand, you’ll need the Flint Axe to harvest an Iron Shard from its gathering point. Plus, one of the best locations to find Iron Shards is in the northwestern part of the map. Unless you activated Peaceful Mode, be prepared to deal with numerous difficult enemies in this area along the way.

How to Craft Clay Mortar (Recipe & Materials)

Smalland Clay Mortar Recipe Now that you have your Spiked Pickaxe, travel to the northern part of the map’s southern island. Here, you’ll find the Clay for the Windmill. Once you’re satisfied with your haul, return to your Windmill and use it to craft Clay Mortar with the harvested Clay. The crafting ingredients to make one Clay Mortar are:
  • 2x Clay
  • 1x Bug’s Lymph
Thankfully, Bug’s Lymph is an abundant resource in Smalland. You can kill any of the following insects to gather this resource:
  • Bull Ant
  • Butterfly
  • Carpenter Ant Warrior
  • Carpenter Ant Worker
  • Cockroach
  • Damselfly
  • Dawn Ant
  • Dragonfly
  • Grey Fly
  • Hornet
  • Ladybug
  • Lubber
  • Mosquito
  • Moth
  • Nocturnal Dragonfly
  • Nocturnal Grasshopper
  • Nocturnal Ladybug
  • Wasp
  • Wasp Queen
  • Waterbug
After crafting Clay Mortar, you can now build the Forge interactive building. With it, you can craft endgame equipment like the Iron Pickaxe, Iron Hammer, and Iron Scythe, and truly harness the wilderness of Smalland!
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