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Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Artifact Codes - All Artifacts, Effects, & Where to Enter

Posted on by justin
Activating artifact codes in Risk of Rain 2 shakes things up with many wild new effects, including friendly fire, elite enemies, augmented spawn rates, massive damage buffs paired with health nerfs, and plenty more. Entering these codes adds tons of replayability and extra challenges, so follow along as we cover all of the game's artifact codes, how they work, and where to enter them.

Where to Enter Artifact Codes in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 Artifact Codes Survivors can enter Risk of Rain 2 artifact codes in the Sky Meadow, which is always the fifth stage for each run. Find the terminal by descending into a massive hole in the floor near the level’s beginning. Note that some monsters may prevent you from proceeding. Run from the hostiles or defeat them to proceed. The terminal for the artifact codes is a 3x3 grid. Each node allows you to select a floating shape. Select the correct combination of shapes or compounds to activate the modifiers. Once you input your preferred code, interact with the laptop at the front of the 3x3 grid. Doing so should make a portal spawn at the teleporter in front. Next, enter the teleporter to initiate a boss fight with the Artifact Reliquary. Defeating the Artifact Reliquary requires players to gather four Artifact Keys by defeating monsters that spawn in the area. Once defeated, grab the artifact to activate the code’s effect.

All Risk of Rain 2 Artifact Codes & Effects

16 artifact codes exist in Risk of Rain 2 as of the Devotion Update. Players can find all of these codes and their effects below:

Artifact of Chaos

  • Description: Friendly fire is enabled for both survivors and monsters alike.
  • Code: Circle-Triangle-Circle Circle-Triangle-Circle Circle-Triangle-Circle

Artifact of Command

  • Description: Choose your items.
  • Code: Square-Square-Square Square-Square-Square Triangle-Triangle-Triangle
Note: Activating this artifact code makes all items drop as “Command Essences.” Interacting with these essences lets players choose the items they want to receive. However, players can’t select items that are currently locked.

Artifact of Death

  • Description: When one player dies, everyone dies. Enable only if you want to truly put your teamwork and individual skill to the ultimate test.
  • Code: Circle-Circle-Circle Square-Triangle-Square Circle-Triangle-Circle

Artifact of Delusion

  • Description: Risk your items after completing the Teleporter event in a test of memory to gain more items.
  • Code: Square-Circle-Square Circle-Circle-Circle Square-Triangle-Square

Artifact of Devotion

  • Description: Replace broken drones with Lemurian Eggs. Give an item to hatch and gain a follower. All Lemurian followers receive item effect.
  • Code: Triangle-Diamond-Triangle Square-Diamond-Square Diamond-Triangle-Diamond

Artifact of Dissonance

  • Description: Monsters can appear outside their usual environments.
  • Code: Circle-Square-Square Square-Square-Square Square-Square-Circle

Artifact of Enigma

  • Description: Spawn with a random equipment that changes every time it's activated.
  • Code: Diamond-Square-Square Triangle-Square-Triangle Circle-Diamond-Diamond

Artifact of Evolution

  • Description: Monsters gain items between stages.
  • Code: Diamond-Diamond-Diamond Square-Square-Square Circle-Circle-Circle

Artifact of Frailty

  • Description: Fall damage is doubled and lethal.
  • Code: Circle-Circle-Circle Triangle-Circle-Triangle Triangle-Triangle-Triangle

Artifact of Glass

  • Description: Allies deal with 500% damage but have 10% health.
  • Code: Diamond-Diamond-Diamond Diamond-Diamond-Diamond Diamond-Diamond-Diamond

Artifact of Honor

  • Description: Enemies can only spawn as elites.
  • Code: Square-Square-Square Square-Triangle -Square Square-Square-Square

Artifact of Kin

  • Description: Monsters will be of only one type per stage.
  • Code: Circle-Triangle-Triangle Diamond-Circle-Triangle Diamond-Diamond-Circle

Artifact of Metamorphosis

  • Description: Players always spawn as random survivors.
  • Code: Diamond-Square-Circle Diamond-Square-Circle Diamond-Square-Circle

Artifact of Sacrifice

  • Description: Monsters drop items on death, but Chests no longer spawn.
  • Code: Triangle-Triangle-Triangle Triangle-Triangle-Triangle Triangle-Diamond -Triangle

Artifact of Soul

  • Description: Wisps emerge from defeated monsters.
  • Code: Circle-Square-Circle Circle-Diamond-Circle Square-Diamond-Square

Artifact of Spite

  • Description: Enemies drop multiple exploding bombs on death.
  • Code: Triangle-Circle-Triangle Circle-Circle-Circle Triangle-Circle-Triangle

Artifact of Swarms

  • Description: Monster spawns are doubled, but monster maximum health is halved.
  • Code: Circle-Circle-Triangle Triangle-Diamond-Triangle Triangle-Circle-Circle

Artifact of Vengeance

  • Description: Your relentless doppelganger will invade every 10 minutes.
  • Code: Diamond-Square-Square Diamond-Circle-Square Diamond-Square-Square
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