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Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of November

Posted on by amber
Reddit’s /r/Minecraft is home to over seven million Minecraft fans, including some developers! And when a community as creative as Minecraft’s comes together, amazing creations are bound to be shared. Today we return to /r/Minecraft for November’s top /r/Minecraft Posts, and they are five you do not want to miss!

A Seasonal Tip

What better way to start the season than with a tip to keep your crops from freezing? User doktorpapago shared that all it takes is some waterlogged leaf blocks in place of the regular water to prevent the block from turning to ice. Now snow biome farms are just as easy as anywhere else!

Sword Art Online

Anime fans are in for a treat! User FoxicalOW recreated the entire first floor of Sword Art Online for players to explore. Hopefully, it is not too accurate! Otherwise, players will have some trouble logging out once they get in.

A Creative Plugin

Plugins are a fantastic way to change up your Minecraft server! They can add new features and security while even altering how the game is played. For example, user Willio2000 shared their custom plugin that reduces maximum health based on light. That means that without light, you die. Talk about making the game harder!

Old Vex Versus New Vex

In a recent snapshot for 1.20, Mojang showed off the newly updated Vex mob! However, not every player is familiar with this rather rare entity. Thankfully user create1ders made a side-by-side comparison, including Allay.

Parkour Tips

Parkour has been a fan favorite in Minecraft since the very beginning. But did you know there is a way to gain a little more distance with each jump? User Leomelonseeds showed that by turning 45 degrees, you move around 2% faster, just barely saving them from disaster.

Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of November

Top /r/Minecraft Posts - Reddit Logo November has ended, but /r/Minecraft still has plenty to share! We only picked five from thousands of excellent posts waiting to be seen. Check out the top posts of all time for years and years worth of content. You won’t be disappointed! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) Looking to create the next top /r/Minecraft post with friends? We here at BisectHosting offer affordable options for just that! Your Minecraft server is only a few steps away.
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