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Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of May

Posted on by amber
Reddit’s /r/Minecraft is home to over seven million Minecraft fans, including developers! And when a community as creative as Minecraft’s comes together, amazing creations are bound to be shared. Today we return to Reddit for May’s top /r/Minecraft Posts which are five you don’t want to miss!

5. Old Beaches Beaches in the Minecraft beta looked much different than what we have today! Are the new ones better? Perhaps, but that doesn’t change the nostalgia for what many players used to have. Taking inspiration from some mods, they could always add it as part of a beta biome. What are your thoughts?

4. Lonely Flower The ocean hides many mysteries, but a lone flower on a single-block island is not a sight usually seen. It is almost eerie all alone, surrounded by water and fog. However, it goes to show how unique random generation can be!

3. A Spider’s Perspective Does a Minecraft spider have eight eyes or four with angry red eyebrows? This question was posed by user Deeoxie causing other users to share their versions of what they see, ranging from fangs to only two eyes on either side.

2. RIP Mineplex Minecraft networks have been around for a long time, but Mineplex holds a special place in many players’ hearts for being among the first of its kind. Unfortunately, it shut down officially, but a new owner supposedly has plans to bring it back someday.

1. Minecraft Cosplay! Finally, the top post of May was none other than two fantastic Minecraft cosplays! A creeper… schoolgirl? Their unique take on Endermen and Creepers was unexpected, to say the least, but still funny to see!

Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of May

Top /r/Minecraft Posts - Reddit Logo May has come to an end, but /r/Minecraft still has plenty to share! We only picked five from thousands of posts shared each and every year. Also, be sure to check out the top /r/Minecraft posts of all time for mountains of content. You won’t be disappointed! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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