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Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of July

Posted on by amber

Reddit’s /r/Minecraft is home to a wide variety of fans. Developers included! And when a community as creative as Minecraft’s comes together, amazing creations are bound to be shared. Today we return to Reddit for the top /r/Minecraft posts of July! And they are five you do not want to miss!

Soul Sand Art by AljunaibiiM

Plenty of artists share their work on /r/Minecraft, and this month we saw a particularly stunning piece! AljunaibiiM drew their depiction of soul sand slowing the player. Erie spirits gripping at a diamond boat. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how scary parts of Minecraft are due to the game’s blocky nature!

1024 Chunk Render Distance

The second Reddit post we just had to share was a showcase of Minecraft with an absurdly high 1024 chunk render distance! Usually, this would be impossibly laggy, but the Distant Horizons mod applies a neat trick to make it resource-friendly.

The default render distance remains as it usually would, but everything past it is loaded with lower levels of details. This allows players to see far into the distance where it’s hard to tell the quality has been downgraded in the first place!

#SaveMinecraft posters

Unfortunately, Minecraft 1.19.1 was a controversial update that even prompted a movement called #SaveMinecraft. For those who may not have known, Mojang promised that Java Edition would not be changed following account migrations, yet the chat report system from Bedrock Edition was implemented anyway. One that can leave players banned from all servers, including those they own.

The posters by Nintwendo18 were among many posts showing their dismay at Mojang’s actions. Despite the feedback and outcry, Mojang did not remove the feature, and it is now present in the game today.

200 Deaths Celebration

With a few simple commands, Minecraft is made a lot more fun with a public death counter! However, it can be a little embarrassing for those who are more prone to mistakes. In the post above, Urubar34 shares the celebration of one such clumsy friend’s 200th death. They had quite the lead!

Any looking to add death counters to their vanilla server can do so with scoreboard commands.

Diorite Cliffside

Surviving in hardcore mode is already a feat in and of itself, let alone building the Cliffs of Dover! Against all odds, /u/andyq9433 did just that with their custom diorite cliffside biome. I can only hope it one day gets added to Minecraft as an actual biome because this build was absolutely stunning!

Reddit Recap – Top /r/Minecraft Posts of July

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July has passed, and so has this Reddit recap, but /r/Minecraft still has plenty to share! We only picked five from a sea of excellent posts waiting to be shared. Check out the top posts of all time for years upon years of content. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed!

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