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Ranking the Best Minecraft Music Discs

Everyone loves a good song, and Minecraft has quite a few, but which is the best if the choice were up to you? Some argue the classics remain unbeaten, while others drown out such nonsense with some fancy Pigstep playing on loudspeakers. Today we add our opinion in ranking the best Minecraft music discs.

Nostalgia – 13 & Cat

Cat Music Disc

For those who have been with the game from the start, the classic two will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thirteen and all of its creepiness made us wonder about all that was to come, and Cat never fails to bring me back to those late Minecraft gaming sessions on a cool summer’s night. For those reasons, they come in third for me!

Lore – 11 & 5

11 Music Disc

11 & 5 may not be discs players, including myself, use often, but they provide bits of Minecraft lore that cause community discussion. When 11 first went live, there was no end to its dissection, with some players even claiming it was proof of Herobrine being added! Now with 5, the theories have begun again. Not to mention how scary they sound and the creepy environments they set!

Just Plain Fun – Pigstep & Otherside

Pigstep Music Disc

In first are two discs that are just plain fun. Pigstep is played across every server I’ve owned, and Otherside has become a classic that we just can’t stop enjoying. Despite how great the four discs before were, we had to go with the discs that were played the most between friends. For us, that is Pigstep and Otherside!

Ranking the Best Minecraft Music Discs


Our list has reached its end, but it is by no means definitive! How would you rank the music discs if given the chance? It is hard to pick from so many great songs!

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