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Ranking the Best Features of Minecraft 1.19

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft 1.19 is shaping up to be quite the wild update! With each passing snapshot, we have been able to test out and play these amazing features firsthand, and after much discussion, we have concluded which we think stand above the rest. Today we are ranking the best Features of Minecraft 1.19!

5. Frogs

Features of Minecraft 1.19: Minecraft Frog

Frogs have earned number five on our list of best 1.19 features for their surprising amounts of interactions! Based on their color and what they eat, exclusive froglight blocks can be farmed. In addition, they are two mobs in one if counting tadpoles which gives life to the water as much as the lily pads above.

We can’t wait for them to hop their way over to a live release of 1.19!

4. Mangrove Swamps

Mangrove Swamp Screenshot

Mangrove swamp biomes took me by quite the surprise! Sailing through their mud and root-covered shores with mangrove trees towering overhead left me truly immersed in a swamp biome for the first time. Not to mention the bees buzzing about, fruit hanging from leaves, and frogs hopping across lilies!

All together, this stunning biome earned spot number four!

3. Allay

Features of Minecraft 1.19: Minecraft Allay

Winner of the mob vote, former prisoner, and adorable friend happy to join us on our way. Allay! This little angel-like creature stole my heart and has been my traveling buddy ever since. My only complaint is I don’t have the willpower to make Allay to hard labor! I always end up feeling too bad no matter how useful Allay is at carrying blocks.

Out of love and guilt both, Allay gets spot three on our list!

2. Ancient Cities

Minecraft 1.18 rekindled the wonder and mystery of underground exploration, and ancient cities are the perfect cherry on top, earning spot four. These spooky cities have been a blast to explore, their loot makes it well worth the risks, and their skulk-covered generation never ceases to amaze. And the best part?

You never feel safe within their silent halls, for spot number one is always waiting in the darkness to be called.

1. The Warden

Minecraft Wiki Screenshot: Battling the Warden

The Warden is without a doubt the highlight of 1.19. It is terrifying, intense, and forces players to change how they play, otherwise risking this boss mob’s wrath. As Mojang has said, we are not supposed to beat the Warden, and I think that made for the perfect scary addition.

Will you be sneaking past the Warden like me, or will you be one of the few slaying this fearsome monstrosity?

Ranking the Best Features of Minecraft 1.19

It was no easy task to pick only five features, and with new 1.19 snapshots on their way, it may need to be updated! Was there a feature you would have added? We would love to hear!

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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