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Palworld Server Hosting Issues Reveal Unethical Practices in the Industry (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Posted on by brandon
Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm, selling over 8 million copies in just six days. Palworld Server Hosting Issues Reveal Unethical Practices in the Industry (And How You Can Avoid Them) With that massive rush, however, has come a wave of unreliable Palworld server hosting and poor business practices, leading to customers not being able to enjoy the game online with friends. Worse, many players have paid for Palworld dedicated servers but have not gotten them even days after their purchase. With support ticket times also spanning days in some cases, Palworld has exposed many holes in the server hosting ecosystem and some bad apples in the bunch. Here, we’ll cover some of these major issues and how you can enjoy quality Palworld server hosting today with us here at BisectHosting to avoid them entirely.

Palworld Server Hosting Issues Highlight Unethical Practices in the Industry

Palworld has been quite a shock to kick off 2024, selling over a million copies a day in its first week. This massive player base looked to kick off their new Palworld journeys by joining together with friends online in multiplayer thanks to dedicated server hosting services. While there are many options to choose from for Palworld server hosting, users should beware that poor business practices and planning have led to many issues across hosting companies that are seemingly reputable otherwise.

Selling Servers Without Available Space

For instance, some companies have sold Palworld dedicated servers despite not having the stock to carry them, filling server orders up to 4 days after servers were initially purchased despite not warning customers anywhere during the process. While this practice has resulted in many refunds, it has also led to massive, dishonest profits along the way, wasting the time of players and taking their money all the while. With many gamers not able to afford two Palworld servers, especially with its high technical demands for online play, this is a major issue that's limiting access to the game. To avoid this, ensure you scope out potential hosting companies by visiting their discords and utilizing recent Trust Pilot reviews.

No Ticket Responses, Paid Ticket Priority

There are many examples of companies who have sold dedicated server orders for Palworld that they can’t fill, avoiding responding to tickets days after they’ve been made, and some even offering a paid service to have their tickets answered in a reasonable time window. All for clients asking for refunds for services not rendered in the first place.

Offering Servers With Too Little RAM to Run Palworld

Server hosting companies have also offered Palworld servers with as little as 3GB of dedicated RAM, with the game requiring no less than 10GB to run with any consistency, resulting in entirely unusable servers and frustrated players around the world. You can avoid this issue by ensuring you know what a Palworld dedicated server needs to run properly, starting with an absolute minimum of 10GB of RAM - which is the lowest possible amount available here at BisectHosting. If you see less being offered, that’s a bad sign for the host in question.

Palworld Server Hosting Done The Right Way

As gamers ourselves, it's disappointing to see companies putting profits before the needs of their customers. In the end, it has limited many players' ability to enjoy the Palworld experience with friends and family and has hurt trust in server hosting services along the way. Here at BisectHosting, we stand against these negligent business practices and, as such, have offered our own Palworld dedicated server hosting services with none of these issues. While we also faced challenges with server stock for Palworld, we took down our ordering processes once stock ran out and have worked tirelessly day in and day out to ensure additional server space was added and new stock, reliable stock, was made available. During this massive Palworld server hosting wave, we’ve also hired extra support personnel to ensure we retain our less than 15-minute response times for tickets alongside our 24/7/365 support live chat, where you’ll get a response in seconds. With game server hosting remaining an essential element of the gaming economy, we seek to call out any negligent or dishonest business practices across the industry to ensure customers know what to avoid and warning signs for a bad service.  In the end, there's no foolproof way to avoid bad server hosting companies entirely that hide their poor business practices well. But through proper vigilance, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to these circumstances. And if you’re looking to get started on the right foot with your own Palworld dedicated server or recover from a bad server hosting experience elsewhere, check out our options below today!
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