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Palworld Console Commands Guide: Every Admin Command & How to Use Them

Posted on by justin
Server administrators can use console commands in Palworld to do things like kicking players, broadcasting messages, and teleporting around. Here, we'll cover all the Palworld console commands you can use, their effects, and how to enact them!

How to Use Console Commands in Palworld

Palworld Console Commands Before using console commands in Palworld, you must be a server administrator. If you’re not the server administrator and want to be one, type the following command into the Palworld admin console: /adminpassword {PASSWORD} (replace the PASSWORD with the server’s password). If successful, you should now have the necessary access permissions to use the admin commands in Palworld.

Console Commands List

It’s important to mention that the console commands in Palworld focus on providing server information and maintaining order within the server. The following commands aren't cheat-like, which means you can't use functions to spawn items or activate god mode.
  • /BanPlayer {Steam ID}: Ban the specified player from the server
  • /Broadcast {MessageText}: show indicated message to all players on the same server
  • /DoExit: Stop the server immediately
  • /Info: Shows server information
  • /KickPlayer {Steam ID}: Kicks the specified player from the server
  • /Save: Saves the world data
  • /ShowPlayers: Lists all players on the server
  • /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}: Shuts down the server for everyone after the indicated period
  • /TeleportToMe {Steam ID}: Teleports the specified player to you
  • /TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID}: Teleport yourself to the specified player
Tip: An easy way to copy a player’s ID is to use the ShowPlayers command. Then, double-right-click on a specific player ID to copy it. Note that these Palworld server commands are only available for the game’s PC version. Currently, it’s not possible to set up a Palworld dedicated server for Xbox, which is inhibiting players from taking advantage of these commands. If you’re new to Palworld, click here to watch the trailer for the Sakurajima Update, or watch the video below:
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