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Palworld 2024 Roadmap: Future Content, Features, & Updates

Posted on by justin
Hold onto your Pal Spheres, Palmasters! The 2024 roadmap for Palworld is here, and it’s got more twists and turns than an entangled Hangyu’s limbs. So, keep reading and dive into what’s to come in this megahit monster-capturing title.

Palworld 2024 Roadmap Revealed: Future Content, Bug Fixes, and Updates

Palworld 2024 Roadmap The Palworld 2024 roadmap has officially been revealed, and it's full of exciting news! First, Pocketpair heard the cries of players and their Depressos about the various bugs and glitches, such as getting stuck on a loading screen, and day's played being reset after the game’s Early Access release. The developer acknowledges these issues and is looking to fix them as soon as possible. We expect to see these bugs covered in the patch notes of the game's first post-launch update. Next, various improvements to the game’s key configuration should arrive sooner than later. Then, players should expect improvements to the Pals’ AI, particularly those working in the base. Some players have been experiencing issues with how captured Pals work. For example, some Pals would ignore assignments even if you pick them up and throw them in designated areas. Apart from these soon-to-be-implemented improvements, here are other exciting features and end-game content to come with future updates as announced:
  • PvP
  • Raid Bosses (End-Game Content)
  • Pal Arena
  • Steam-Xbox Crossplay
  • Various Xbox Feature Improvements
  • Server Transfers and Migrations
  • Improvements to the Building System
  • New Islands, Pals, Bosses, and Technologies
This roadmap gives plenty of reasons to be excited for the future of Palworld, and players completing the Paldeck can rest assured they'll have plenty of future end-game content to explore with their pals, including PvP, raid bosses, and the Pal arena.

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