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New Minecraft Launcher Causes Big Problems

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft is always getting new features, and the latest new addition is one that players will run into before entering the game.

Recently Mojang put out a new Minecraft Java Edition launcher. But while it looks great, players are running into all sorts of problems with it already.

Here’s what’s happening with the new Java Edition launcher and how players are getting around the issues.

New Java Edition Launcher Goes Live

Mojang’s newly redone launcher for Minecraft Java Edition went live earlier this week. It brings a more modern look and combines with Minecraft for Windows and Minecraft Dungeons.

The issues arise however when players try to sign in or play Minecraft Java Edition offline within the new launcher.

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What’s Wrong with the New Launcher?

Players who elected to download the new launcher now find themselves in a frustrating spot. 

First, many are struggling to log in on the launcher and getting used to new account details as Minecraft migrates how players log into the game.

Beyond that, players have also noticed that this new launcher no longer allows players to jump into Minecraft Java Edition offline. Instead, the notification “Oh no! Something went wrong, and we couldn’t connect to the Minecraft services. Try again.” This effectively feels like DRM for all the wrong reasons.

These issues among smaller problems are turning the playerbase against the newest launcher very quickly. After all, it's keeping many players from jumping into their Minecraft worlds altogether.

Solutions to Launcher Issues

If you’re having issues with the new Minecraft launcher for Java Edition, there are some workarounds available.

Minecraft gets new “unified” PC launcher for Bedrock, Java, and Dungeons |  PCGamesN

For starters, those without migrated Minecraft accounts are able to set the old Minecraft launcher to compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and use it just the same as previously. This method may eventually stop working, however, depending on how Mojang handles support for this launcher in the near future.

Another method many players use is downloading alternate launchers like MultiMC, especially popular within the Java Edition community. This of course involves using a third party, which is something to be aware of.

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What’s Next?

Mojang has yet to respond to the issues players are facing with the new launcher. With that, we can only hope the team is on the case making changes and fixing bugs. 

Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update part 2 I Release date, time, news -  Radio Times

There’s no way to know if the new offline restrictions are intentional from Mojang and Microsoft. Either way, they’re already playing poorly for the audience, and it won’t be a popular change if intentional.

As we get closer to Caves and Cliffs Part 2, Minecraft 1.18, it’s an important time for Mojang to get things right. With a December 3rd release date, if things aren’t changed, we’ll soon see a very chaotic launch day.

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