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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up: October 26th

Posted on by bisecthosting

There’s been plenty of action in Minecraft after the huge game-changing announcements at Minecraft Live. 

Let’s go over the biggest events of the last week, and things you should look forward to that are coming soon.

Microsoft Accounts Required

One big change that will affect most all Minecraft players is a move away from Mojang accounts in Microsoft accounts. 

This move will affect all Java Edition players, and will shape how players engage with Minecraft content in the future.

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For veteran players, this is a great way to get a refresh on Mojang account information you might’ve forgotten nearly a decade later. Otherwise, while this is an account info reset, it could be seen as an inconvenience for players to set up before being able to play again.

For players without a Microsoft account, you’ll still need one to play Minecraft on the Java Edition.

Doom Mod in Minecraft

Minecraft is famous for its gamechanging mods, and some of the content even makes its way into the official game via DLC packs and more.

One of these massive mods has just been released, and it's a variation of Doom gameplay in Minecraft. The mod is named Doom: Demons of the Nether.

This mod made be fan-made, but it has huge potential.

You can watch the mod in action here, and can follow the massively underviewed channel which shows its progress through development. 

Already the mod has stunning gameplay, visual effects, and sounds that can really bring players back to the Doom experience.

Minecraft Dungeons: Spooky Fall

There’s plenty of creepy and scary things players can experience in Minecraft if they seek it. For Minecraft Dungeons, however, this is less prevalent. That is before now.

Mojang have announced a new Minecraft Dungeons Halloween event called Spooky Fall. 

This event will kick off on October 27th, and run until November 3rd.

It will be the debut for a new gameplay feature called Seasonal Trials, and introduce some new items including the Haunted Bow and Haunting Horror armor set.

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In the Spooky Fall event, there will be a Night mode that empowers enemies to bring some extra challenge - and new items to vary up your builds to take on the challenge!

An all-new difficulty setting and new gameplay features is a great way to shake up the Minecraft Dungeons experience, which means now is the perfect time to come back to the game.

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