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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - October 1st

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Spatial Simulation Engine Revolutionizes Gameplay

Minecraft is officially picking up the Aether engine to push forward its gaming technology. 

Aether is a spatial engine that reinvents the wheel for gameplay physics and performance, as we’ve previously seen when Aether was used in a tech demo for EVE Online.

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The Aether engine massively optimizes the way games run, and this technology should help push along Minecraft to even greater heights as a titan of the gaming industry.

Paired with Minecraft’s foray into VR, this is a fantastic 1-2 punch of technological advancement, following up on other advancements including implementation of RTX.

Free PSVR Support is Here

Many people see VR as the future of gaming, and Minecraft is exploring this territory now by reaching PSVR

There is now full PSVR Support for Minecraft, for free, so players can dive right into the world in their own living rooms.

You can read over an interview with Minecraft Executive Producer Rog Carpenter and Minecraft Console Producer Damian Finn on the topic here!

Massively Impressive Community Created Pyramid

Minecraft is a game ripe for fantastic community creations, with all the tools at players fingertips to build great wonders. We’ve seen everything from computers and calculators to scale models of world wonders.

But a new community creation finalized this week comes from Reddit user /r/FallenQsnow.This creation is a massive pyramid, with incredibly fine detail from top to bottom.

(Credit: FallenQsnow)

While the pyramid was made in Creative Mode, it’s still an astounding final product that few Minecraft players could ever dream of putting together. Its architecture is fantastic, and puts out the challenge for other Minecraft players to put together their own great wonders in-game.

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